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Fantasy Football busts are a term we never want to hear, but they are a fact of life when playing Fantasy Sports.

You look at your team after the draft and say to yourself, “this is my year.”

Week 1 passes and one of your top players is sub-par. That’s alright, it’s only the first week.

But week after week, this player keeps on producing low numbers and now you’re headed for the consolation bracket.

Fantasy Football busts happen every year. You always hope and pray that you will avoid these players, but you’re not always that lucky. Here’s some of the top Fantasy Football busts from the 2015 season.

2015 Fantasy Football Busts



Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

Average pick: 33.3 (fourth round)


Peyton Manning was, on average, the fifth quarterback taken in most drafts. He’s one of the best quarterbacks to ever take the football field, but after the record-breaking season he had two short years ago, he’s just a shell of the player he used to be.

Manning has a career-low passer rating this season of 67.9 due to the fact that he has a 9/17 touchdown/interception rate as well as averaging only 242.2 yards per game. He threw a pick in every game he started this season and his arm strength is almost shot.

The only shining moment he had this season was when he broke Brett Favre’s career passing yards record, however, he also finished that game with 35 yards and four interceptions. Along with those numbers were injuries that have taken Peyton Manning from a top-tier Fantasy quarterback to Fantasy free agent, only two seasons after being the top Fantasy scorer.

Honorable Mention – Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts


Running Back

C.J. Anderson, Denver Broncos

Average pick: 14.2 (second round)


When most of the top picks in the drafts are running backs, here’s a guy who had high expectations. He was usually the seventh running back taken and was coming off an amazing second half of the 2014 season.

Everyone and their mothers thought Anderson was going to continue where he left off. They were so wrong.

Through the first six weeks of the season, he averaged 46.7 yards per game with zero touchdowns. That’s rushing and receiving combined.

One of the only positives was that he was actually healthy this year when a ton of running backs went down. Still, he couldn’t play up to the hype that made him second round worthy.

Honorable Mention – DeMarco Murray, Philadelphia Eagles


Wide Receiver

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys

Average pick: 15.2 (second round)


For a guy with so much talent, Bryant was usually the fourth receiver taken. However, this was a rough season for the Cowboys.

First they lose Dez and then Tony Romo. When Dez finally came back, he wasn’t the same.

He had 31 catches for 401 yards with three touchdowns this year in nine games. Yes, he wasn’t playing at full strength. Yes, he went through multiple quarterbacks. However, most people spent their second pick in the draft on him rather than this guy named Julio Jones.

Honorable Mention – Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions


Tight End

Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks

Average pick: 30.7 (fourth round)


Seattle traded their best lineman and a first round pick to acquire Graham this year to bolster their receiving corps and make them an aerial threat. That investment didn’t quite pan out this year for Seattle and Fantasy owners where he was usually the second tight end taken.

He had his lowest output of catches, yards, and touchdowns (lowest of his career) since his rookie year. When he was healthy, it’s as though he just took up space downfield, rather than making an actual impact.

It’s not easy going from a team that throws the ball at will to one of the top rushing teams in the league. But taking him in the fourth round was a big mistake for Fantasy owners who expected his Saints numbers.

Honorable Mention – Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys



These guys definitely didn’t live up to their hype. Whether it be from injury or underperfoming, if you spent a high pick on one of these guys, you probably didn’t have the results you expected for your fantasy team.


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall

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