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The Fantasy stock of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo may see a huge boost at the start of the 2015 Fantasy Football season, following the four-game suspension of Tom Brady.

Brady is a few years past his elite Fantasy production, but he is currently a fifth-round pick on

Outside of Brady, this also affects the 2015 Fantasy Football value of Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell and the Patriots’ running backs, who may see an increase in use during the 37-year olds’ absence.


So let’s take a look at what Jimmy Garoppolo can offer the Fantasy community in 2015.

Jimmy Garoppolo Profile

There isn’t a ton of work to judge Garoppolo by in the NFL, but it’s good for Fantasy players to get an early look at Garoppolo for the 2015 Fantasy Football season.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s College Numbers

Garoppolo hails from Tony Romo’s Alma Mater, Eastern Illinois. He actually broke Romo’s record for career pass completions, and the 23-year old quarterback finished his final college season in 2013 with 5,050 passing yards and 53 touchdown passes.

With most of the attention in the 2014 NFL Draft focused on Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater, Garoppolo quietly impressed scouts with his quick release and football intelligence. It was a little surprising that Garoppolo was selected in Round 2, but perhaps the Patriots were looking ahead to the weak 2015 quarterback draft class and realized they needed to pounce.

His numbers in a weak conference are not going to indicate his success in the NFL, but if the Patriots liked Garoppolo enough to select him in Round 2, that’s an indication to me that there must be something special about this guy.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s NFL Numbers

With only 27 passing attempts in the NFL, we don’t have any reliable numbers for Garoppolo. Having said that, I still think it’s worth taking a look at who was the beneficiary of Garoppolo’s targets.

Week 4: Six completions from seven attempts

  • Julian Edelman- 5-yard reception
  • Brandon LaFell- 37-yard reception
  • Rob Gronkowski- 13-yard touchdown catch
  • James White- 1-yard reception
  • James White- 11-yard reception
  • James White- 3-yard reception

Week 8: Three completions from three attempts

  • Timothy Wright: 17-yard reception
  • Danny Amendola: 6-yard reception
  • Danny Amendola: Negative 1-yard reception

Week 17 was essentially a throw-away game for the Patriots, and Garoppolo started in the third quarter. He connected with Amendola for four receptions and LaFell for three.

From that group, Amendola’s name popped up a few times and Gronk was the recipient of Garoppolo’s first touchdown pass.  Again, this isn’t a lot to work with, but those planning to draft Gronkowski have to like the fact that the second-year quarterback’s first touchdown was to the big man.

As circumstances further develop, I think Garoppolo is a very interesting option as a backup to start the year, and will be a hot topic of discussion for Week 1 Daily Fantasy Football Leagues.

Check back with the So-Called Fantasy Experts, as we will continue to break down this story and determine what it means for your 2015 Fantasy Football leagues.

Jimmy Garoppolo Photo Credit: braden duke

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