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2015 March Madness Brackets: How To Put Together A Winning Bracket

While March Madness is a crazy time of year, some people take their brackets very seriously. We help you create a winning bracket.

It’s that time of year! You’ll get the email from your work league, your friend’s league or your family league come Monday morning — it’s time to fill out your 2015 March Madness bracket!

Whether you’ve watched as much college basketball as you could get your eyes on or you’ve just half-heartedly cheered on your team this season, March Madness appeals to everyone.

There’s something about the one-and-done format, about Cinderella teams that make it to the Final Four against all odds, about the challenge of filling out a bracket — that makes this time of year so much fun.

While it may be fun, often times there are higher stakes than just bragging rights. If you want to beat your great-grandmother, the strategy of picking a team based on their mascot might work.

However, if you want to win a higher stakes league, maybe it’s time to invest in some expert help. No, not me (thanks, I’m flattered), but through our friends at NumberFire.

NumberFire can help because they’ve done all the research that you likely have not had time to do.

Think about this NumberFire March Madness Kit like a Fantasy Baseball or Fantasy Football Draft Kit.

They went through and did the scouting reports, analyzed the numbers, and gave their winning predictions. NumberFire’s March Madness All-Pro tool does this for you. They have scouting reports on all teams, and they’ve created their projected bracket already and they have projections for each matchup that could exist.

They predict not only the winners, but also the spread.

Customized 2015 March Madness Brackets

You can have your own customized 2015 March Madness bracket, depending on your league. They know that league settings, sizes and scoring differs across the board, so there are custom scoring options.

You can also run a bracket based on an algorithm that just predicts the likely outcome. However your league runs, NumberFire’s March Madness All-Pro tool can help you.

The algorithms will also give you the upsets (which 12 seed will make it through this year?), the hidden Cinderellas (remember when it used to be Gonzaga?) and overrated teams (will a No. 2 seed lose in the first round?).

If you use a draft kit to help with your other Fantasy leagues, why wouldn’t you want a draft kit to help with your 2015 March Madness bracket?

This is, for many sports fans, the best time of the year. Some enjoy the thrill of just watching the games. Some love heading to their favorite watering hole and taking advantage of the specials and the atmosphere.

Some just love bragging when their bracket wins. But for those that play for more than bragging rights, check out NumberFire today.

Other features of this tool include being able to compare any two teams in the tournament and real-time analytics.

2015 March Madness Brackets Photo Credit: Crissy Terawaki

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