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Welcome to the Monday edition of Daily Fantasy Baseball.

I couldn’t actually write this article without mentioning my man crush, Trevor Story.

No, he’s not playing tonight but if he were, I would recommend him in every position. This kid is playing lights out baseball and I don’t see how the Rockies let Jose Reyes ever sniff the field.

You need to have time to read this article so we are only focusing on the night slate. Day baseball is awesome, but for the purpose of this article we are looking at the night cap.

Lets’ get to the Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks.

2016 Daily Fantasy Baseball: Picks for Monday, April 11



Pitching is king and tonight we pay up. Don’t mess around as there are some decent bats, but without Coors Field, hitter pricing is going to be kind.

Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals ($13,100)


I’m not getting cute and neither should you. I don’t care if the guy has two different colored eyes, he is a K machine.

Sonny Gray, Oakland Athletics ($9,600)

The Angels are a complete mess right now. How they even won two games is a miracle. Out of their normal starting lineup, they only have one hitter above .300. Gray faces off against Nick Tropeano so I love him to get the win tonight.



Wilson Ramos ($3,300)


We are straight up exploiting Bud Norris today and why not? There are few thing in life more exciting than stacking against Norris. Ramos hasn’t really been tearing it up yet, but outside of Posey, there aren’t a lot of catchers who are.

Devin Mesoraco, Cincinnati Reds ($3,100)

He hasn’t really been knocking the cover off the ball, but I’m going back to the well. The lack of elite catchers has me dropping down to Mesoraco and I just don’t fully trust John Lester anyway.


First Base

Stephen Vogt, Oakland A’s ($3,500)


Vogt has yet to homer this year but is always a threat to have a great game. We don’t trust Nick Tropeano and we are going to target the A’s bats and that starts with Vogt. We do get a rightie-leftie matchup so we are all but guaranteed Vogt will be in the lineup.

Tyler White, Houston Astros ($4,500)

Want to pay up for a guy who is absolutely mashing it? Look no further than White. Yes, Trevor Story is hogging all the headlines, but White is only batting .556 and has three home runs and nine RBIs. Now he is going back to Houston and that park is not nearly as friendly as Miller Park, but he is red hot.


Second Base

Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners ($4,400)


Speaking of hitters who have been overshadowed by the Storybook, Cano comes to mind. With four home runs and seven RBIs, I’m loving the match-up vs. Colby Lewis.

Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds ($3,500)

Phillips has had a nice start to the season. He is hitting .385 and has been a nice catalyst to start the season for the Reds. He will steal bases and Jon Lester loves to let that happen. That’s why we like a few Reds tonight.


Third Base

Daniel Murphy, Washington Nationals ($4,100)


You guessed it, another target against Bud Norris. What’s not to like here. So far in the young season, he is hitting .462. We will take it.

Adonis Garcia, Atlanta Braves ($2,600)

Strictly a cheap tournament dart throw, but he has already taken Scherzer deep once already and does have some opportunities with Freddie Freeman batting in front of him. Not viable for cash games, but if you need to make cap space, he provides it and bats fourth.



Jed Lowrie, Oakland A’s ($3,300)


Shortstop is absolutely gross on this slate, again. You either pay up for Correa or you don’t. I’m not opting to do it tonight because I want to pay for pitching. Lowrie is off to a slow start, but the fact he is a switch hitter helps us out.

Zack Cozart, Cincinnati Reds ($3,200)

He’s batting lead-off for the Reds most days and for the price I’ll pay for the extra AB. Cozart is hitting for average but not a lot after that. Strictly, a cap saving move here.



Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals ($4,500)


Harper is going to be wildly popular and why not? He has a pristine matchup and can go for multiple home runs any night. A must have in cash games and tournaments.

Coco Crisp, Oakland Athletics ($3,200)

Finally healthy and playing like it, Coco provides great value tonight. He’s batting lead-off and the price is perfect. We like the opportunities for a bag swipe from Coco as well.

Colby Rasmus, Houston Astros ($3,400)


Once again we find great value in Rasmus who already has two home runs. Granted, they both came in one game but we like the power he provides. We get a leftie-rightie matchup here too. I don’t trust Chris Young so this is a great spot for Rasmus.

Top Stacks

So the stacking rules have changed a bit on DraftKings and I’m not quite sure if this makes me a sad panda (not like Pablo Sandoval)? We can only stack five hitters vs. six from last year. However, as I mentioned before, the three team requirement is gone.

  • Houston Astros
  • Oakland A’s
  • Washington Nationals
  • Seattle Mariners

Best of luck today and I hope you enjoyed my 2016 Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Monday, April 11.

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