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Ahhh, that first full weekend of Baseball and Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks. What is not to love? Today has a full slate of games, but you will certainly need to make note of start times and the sites you are playing on.

There are six games starting on the early slate (12:07 pm) and nine games on the (6:05 pm) slate. This is great if you want to focus only on the evening/early games due to time, plans, etc.

However, you will need to be sure to know which contests you are entering, and if you enter an all day contest on FanDuel where lineups are locked, you could be stuck with late game rain delays, scratches, etc.

Just be aware and use some of the tools I provide you as usual with the weather and daily lineup cards. I will try to list payers from both slates, and will be focusing more on the evening portion today. For the early slate I can’t avoid the Tigers stack.

Stay tuned for updates on all things such as weather prior to first pitch tonight here. You should also monitor starting lineups, which thankfully are typically submitted well before the games. Many lineup sites also include weather forecasts as well.

Perhaps you need more help finding some diamonds in the rough along with my picks. If you are in to player projectors, lineups builders and other cool tools like that you should be checking out rotoQL. I tend to use these on days when I am crunched for time, and I have to admit this tool is fast, easy and I look forward to seeing how it does.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: April 9th

A quick note: If I am only listing one player it is because they are essentially both a good value, and a top choice for me. Some positions and pricing haven’t quite balanced out yet on the Daily Fantasy Sites.


Starting Pitchers

Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indians  (Early Slate Only) 

Sale is the second best pitcher on the slate today. Kershaw being number one. If you can pitch Kershaw there is certainly nothing wrong with that. As of now though there is some rain in the forecast so I may be avoiding that game. This leaves Chris Sale against the Indians. The Sox are favored, and I can smell the K’s cooking from here.

DraftKings: $12,100       FanDuel: $12,000

Carlos Martinez, St. Louis Cardinals @ Atlanta Braves 

This is a dream pitching matchup for Martinez and daily players today. I will be using a heavy load of C Mart today and am expecting a win and plenty of strikeouts. Perhaps with a few walks to the only dangerous hitter in the Braves lineup…

DraftKings: $10,000        FanDuel: $9,000

 Joe Ross, Washington Nationals vs Miami Marlins (Early Slate Only)

Ross is affordable and has the ability to miss bats in a big way. This is more of a risky option due to the power potential in Miami’s lineup as well as the chance of rain. That being sad, if you are able to monitor the weather, or are playing an early slate only Ross is appealing and cheap.

DraftKings: $7,500   FanDuel: $6,800 

Ian Kennedy, Kansas City Royals vs Minnesota Twins

Kennedy is a strikeout pitcher when he is locked in and my beloved Twins can certainly strike out plenty. This is another cheap option for late slate.

DraftKings: $8,700   FanDuel: $8,400

First Base

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees (Sabathia) (Early Slate Only)

Cabrera could very well be the most used player in the early slate today. I am still using him since he can hit anyone, and Sabathia certainly hasn’t struck fear in anyone for a very long time.

DraftKings: $4,700        FanDuel: $4,300

Mark Trumbo, Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Rays(Drew Smyly)

Everyone knows Trumbo has power, and this is a lefty vs righty matchup I am leaning towards tonight in contests I don’t use Cabrera.

DraftKings: $3,900        FanDuel: $3,000

Second Base

Starlin Castro, New York Yankees @ Detroit Tigers (Pelfrey) (Early Slate Only)

As a Twins fan I know what big Pelf can do on the mound. It usually isn’t much special, and I like the Yankees newest second baseman to get some work done today. Starlin took a day off from home runs yesterday, but could get back to it today.

DraftKings: $3,300        FanDuel: $3,300

DJ LeMahieu, Colorado Rockies vs San Diego Padres (Pomeranz)

DJ at home is a thing of beauty. This is a favorable matchup and the Coors advantage is too hard to ignore.

DraftKings: $4,100        FanDuel: $3,600

Third Base

Daniel Murphy, Washington Nationals vs Miami Marlins (Koehler)(Early Slate Only)

Murphy has been proclaimed as one of the hardest outs in baseball and after his great season with the Mets last year he is carrying it over in Washington. Favorable matchup with a batter hitting well and priced fair is great to me. Note: You will not be able to play Murphy at third on FanDuel. I would target Matt Duffy at $3,400 instead.

DraftKings: $4,000        FanDuel: $3,300

 Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies vs San Diego Padres (Pomeranz)

Arenado is always a safe and expensive play at home but he typically will reward owners who pay up. I like his chances to rake in some points against the youngster Pomeranz tonight. Plenty of runs will be scored in this one folks!

DraftKings: $ 4,900      FanDuel: $5,000


Jose Iglesias, Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees (Sabathia) (Early Slate Only)

Iglesias has hit in all of his games this season and that should continue today. It would be even better if he uses his feet and swipes a base too.

DraftKings: $3,100        FanDuel: $3,100

Carlos Correa, Houston Astros @ Milwaukee Brewers (Peralta)

Correa is expensive but this an A-plus matchup. Most will be on the red hot Trevor Story, and I can’t blame them. in fact if you can’t afford Correa, Trevor Story is a great play.

DraftKings:$5,100       FanDuel: $4,900


Justin Upton, Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees (Sabathia) (Early Slate Only)

I am starting to feel bad here picking on Sabathia but that is my play today. Either Upton or Martinez could sting the Yankees today and I am leaning towards the newest Tiger to be the one bringing the pain.

DraftKings: $4,200      FanDuel: $3,500

Matt Kemp, San Diego Padres @ Colorado Rockies (de la Rosa)

The night slate has another stack I am drooling over today. I may not roll as heavy with the Padres but I am more than fine plugging Mr. Kemp in against Jorge de la Rosa in Coors today.

DraftKings: $5,200       FanDuel: $4,000

Lorenzo Cain, Kansas City Royals vs Minnesota Twins (Milone)

Cain shouldn’t have much of a problem getting on base against my beloved Twins and the soft throwing Milone today. Even if Milone can somehow keep the Royals off guard there is always the shaky bullpen to potentially gift him some more points.

DraftKings: $4,800       FanDuel: $3,800

Featured Image Provided By: Arturo Pardavila III

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