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Through Week 10 of the Fantasy Baseball season we’ve seen the ups, downs, and the complete busts.

Sitting there, patiently, trying not to cry, as we continue to roster these struggling studs, we have to ask ourselves: FOR HOW MUCH LONGER CAN WE ROSTER THESE GUYS?

Believe me, I have my fair share of struggling studs that have now become duds, and I’m faced with the dilemma of starting them, sitting them, or just straight dropping them.

Over a third of the way through the season, sitting in the cellar, while the early round picks do nothing on my team, and now’s the time to make the decision.

Let’s take a look at the five batters that may be OK to cut at this point in the season!

2016 Fantasy Baseball: Five Batters on the Chopping Block

Freddie Freeman, 1B, Atlanta Braves


If you haven’t noticed yet, the Atlanta Braves are the worst team in the MLB this year. Standing at a lowly 17-42 through June 9, it’s quite clear the Braves are looking to obtain the first pick in next year’s draft.

That all leads to Freddie Freeman: He’s a good, not great, first baseman on the lowest scoring offense in all of baseball (183 runs scored).

What’s even worse about all of this, the career .282 hitter is hitting a lowly .250. Add all of this together and you get and what do you get? One of the lowest ranking first baseman in Fantasy with a starting job. Surely you would be able to cut ties with Freeman in his (as well as Atlanta’s) lost season and find a guy who has first base eligibility that’s doing better.

Prince Fielder, 1B, Texas Rangers

Prince Fielder. We all were wondering how long this non-weight watcher’s career would last. Well, in 2016, it seems as if it’s coming to a screeching halt.

Fielder is batting a whopping .192 with 14 Rs, 29 RBIs and an unsightly three HRs. For a guy known for his shear … um … power, one has to wonder if things are starting to breakdown for the 32-year-old. Fielder is now seeing himself hit in the bottom half of the order to try and correct things.

Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Toronto Blue Jays


Troy Tulowitzki has been a mainstay at the shortstop position for quite some time now, but it seems as if that may be coming to an end sooner rather than later.

Tulo had a plentiful career in a Rockies uniform, playing in hitter friendly Coors Field for eight and a half years. But then in 2015 the inevitable happened: The Colorado Rockies traded their coveted star to the Toronto Blue Jays – OHHHHH THE HUMANITY!

Well, unfortunately for Tulo, there seems to be this ” Coors effect” for certain players and he seems to be no different to the cause. Since being traded to the Jays, Tulo’s stats are as follows: 87 games played, 330 ABs, 48 Rs, 13 HRs, 40 RBIs, 2 SBs, and a .222 average. No bueno!

Now on the DL for the infinite time of his career with a strained right quadriceps muscle, it seems as if this may be the end of the road for one of the best offensive Fantasy shortstops of all-time.

Carlos Gomez, OF, Houston Astros

It seems as if Carlos Gomez’s better days are way behind him at this point. Since coming to the Astros last year at the trade deadline, his stat line is as follows: 82 games played, 294 ABs, 30 Rs, 6 HRs, 21 RBIs, 16 SBs and a .214 average. Blah.

At age 30, there just seems to be something amiss with Gomez in Houston. Now, the ‘Stros as a whole are struggling, but Gomez is struggling mightier overall as he finds himself in the bottom half of the lineup each night. With his 57 SO/11 BB rate, it looks to be time to bid Gomez adieu.

Yasiel Puig, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

It’s easy to say that since 2014, Yasiel Puig has been a shell of his former self. From complaints coming from the clubhouse that he’s not a team player, to complaints of his lack of hustle and him coming into Spring Training camps overweight, Puig seems to have hit rock bottom in 2016.

He’s been benched his year because of lack of hustle numerous times, he’s been demoted to the bottom of the Dodgers order due to his continuously high strikeout rate, and just recently he’s been placed on the 15-day DL with a left hamstring strain. The writing is on the wall, the time has come to cut Puig.

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