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The All-Star break approaching means two things: The baseball season is half over and half of your league has probably given up by now.

Either way you look at it, it’s bitter sweet, but in the meantime, this means you can capitalize on the latter.

This is prime time for teams that are in the running for a playoff spot or going all-in for the big one, to call up their top prospect(s) in hopes of creating a spark.

It is also time for a lot of managers to quit fantasy baseball because of losing records and/or losing interest.

So let’s take a look at five prospects that will benefit you greatly now that the bottom dwellers have exited.

Five Rookies You Should Grab Now


Trea Turner, 2B, Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals are going streaking … no not that kind, the kind that champions are made out of. Sitting at 51-35 through July 5th, the Nats are in need of spark that would potentially put them over the edge.

At the moment they’re happy with Danny Espinosa and his hot bat as of late at short — a position Trea Turner could play — so they’re testing Turner at center field to make up for the lack of any positive offense they’ve been getting from vet Ben Revere. Turner has the wheels to be a table setter and will look to get a chance to grab the starting gig and run with it once called up.

Joey Gallo, 3B/OF, Texas Rangers

Who wouldn’t more power in their lineup? Well, for the Rangers sake, they have a ton of power, and there’s even more waiting in the wings in Joey Gallo.

The big young slugger has the size bat to make a huge difference when he’s given the chance, unfortunately for him, he’s been blocked at third base by future Hall of Famer Adrian Beltre. With that in mind, the Rangers started giving Gallo reps in the outfield, and is now being blocked by comeback player of the year potential candidate Ian Desmond, rookie of the year candidate Nomar Mazara, and the overpaid injury prone Shin-Soo Choo. The time will come for Gallo and so will the limitless bombs.


Tyler Glasnow, SP, Pittsburgh Pirates

FINALLY, the Pittsburgh Pirates bring up their number one arm of a prospect.

Up until now, the Pirates have called up the like of Jameson Taillon and Chad Kuhl, when in all honestly, it looks as if they should’ve called up their most polished pitcher in Glasnow. Standing at a lumbering 6-8 and weighing in at 225, the young righty has all the makeup for a big-time ace, almost a Bucco’s Gerrit Cole 2.0. With the Pirates’ struggles this season, this call up could be too little too late.

Blake Snell, SP, Tampa Bay Rays

OK, so, Blake Snell hasn’t amazed us — yet.

But you have to give some rookies more times, especially those that pitch in the dreaded AL East. Snell has the arsenal to do great things in the MLB, unfortunately enough for him, he pitches in front of one of the worst defensive teams, let alone one of the weakest lineups offensively. Give this kid time, he absolutely destroyed the minor leagues and is polished enough to make something happen this year.

Julio Urias, SP, Los Angeles Dodgers

Similar to Snell, Urias hasn’t really wowed us, but this kid id legit.

At 19, Urias has already pitched 77 1/3 innings and was recently demoted because of that workload, not because of his lack of results. Los Angeles has already came out with the intentions of calling him back up before the end of the year. Urias is the kind of stash that could help you out in the playoffs. Sometimes it comes down to a single strikeout to win the championship, and Urias is the kind of arm that could be that pitcher for you.

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