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Houston, we have a problem. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re aware of the dreaded small sample size.

Some managers fall for them while other managers take advantage of them.

With close to a month’s worth of games in the books, the managers who are patient Fantasy Baseball managers are the ones most adept to capitalizing on their quick starters.

When you have a player on your team that is playing way over their head, you have to know how/when to capitalize on their ridiculous gameplay and pull one over on another manager via trade.

We’ll take a look at five players you have to look to sell high on before they crash back down to earth.

Five Sell High Candidates


Trevor Story, SS Colorado Rockies

Trevor Story. No one can say enough about Story’s … wait for it … story, so far this season.

Story has already made history to begin his MLB career by being — OK, you’ve heard all of this already.

What you need to see is since home run number eight, Story has two hits in his last six games and worst of all, the overpaid Jose Reyes is in the wings waiting to hear when he can come play baseball again. On top of all of that, he was a strikeout machine in the minors, meaning his numbers will come crashing down sooner rather than later.

It might not be too late to ship out Story and get something plentiful for a rookie who calls Coors Field home and started the season hot.

Jean Segura, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks

Back in 2013, Jean Segura opened eyes around the baseball world with his high-powered offense and his speedy wheels in Milwaukee.

Fast forward pass hopeless seasons to just before 2016 when Segura was shipped to Arizona, told he’s playing second base and will leadoff for one of baseball’s best offenses. Now Segura is looking at a resurgent year playing for the Snakes.

The way Segura strikes out says there’s no way he can sustain his .352 average, or even anything close to a .300 average for that matter. Although he can be a benefit in the home run and stolen base department, you might want to look to trade him before this year turns into hopeless past seasons.

Dexter Fowler, OF, Chicago Cubs

Dexter Fowler is a good player, not a great player. And right now he’s playing like the latter.

This is Fowler’s eighth season in the majors as a full-time player and we know how he profiles – he gives you a little bit of everything, making him a solid all-around player. He’s currently 29-years-old, which by sabermetrics analysis says that he’s in the middle of his power prime but as of right now, he’s on pace for a career year.

Similar to Segura, Fowler strikes out too much to keep up his bloated .385 average afloat and with half of his home games coming at Wrigley, don’t expect too many homers from Fowler.



Jason Hammel, SP, Chicago Cubs

Oh my Jason Hammel. He has been pitching like a man possessed to start the 2016 season, but you have to wonder how long the career 4.43 ERA  pitcher can keep this up.

Yes, he plays for a high-powered offense in a pitcher’s park. Yes, he currently sits on a 0.75 ERA and is averaging close to a strikeout an inning. When you take a closer look, especially at his nine free passes over 24 IP, you have to see that a blowup is coming to balance out this phenomenal start.

Find a Cub fan in your league and sell high on Hammel!

Drew Smyly, SP, Tampa Bay Rays

Drew Smyly has always been a solid pitcher, when healthy. The “when healthy” part is what most managers get annoyed with.

Smyly has been on fire to open the season and is warranting a good look at being sold high before he sneezes and injures himself.

As of right now, Smyly is sitting on a 2.51 ERA with 33 Ks compared to jusy five walks over 28.2 IP. Turning 27 this year, Smyly COULD be looking at a breakout season, but if you could sell high for a sure thing arm, then you’ll be a lot happier if he decides to stick to his MO and go on the DL at some point this season.


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