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The SCFE staff is helping you prepare for your draft in many ways. One is by releasing the 2016 Fantasy Baseball Rankings. In this case we will be looking specifically at the outfield position.

The staff is kind of all over the place when it comes to the consensus outfield rankings, but that is what makes a staff rankings so great. You can see those players that one staff member ranks higher or lower than the rest. It makes you take a closer look at that player to answer the question: Why does he like that him so much less or more?

When you answer that question for yourself, you will be able to make up your own mind on a player and judge for yourself where they should fall in the rankings. As much as we want you to follow and use our rankings. We are not going to be 100-percent right. As the show ‘The League’ would say: Don’t be a ‘Rankings Slave

Back to the rankings. One thing I do find interesting about the top of the rankings is Mike Trout was not the consensus No. 1 ranked player. Fabian Taylor went ahead and ranked Bryce Harper first, coming off a breakout campaign where he hit 42 home runs along with a .330 average. Is this a sign that Mike Trout’s run atop the preseason rankings is coming to an end?

The outfield position is clearly the most deep hitting position in baseball, I don’t think anybody would argue that. But I would make sure you can get two of the top 20 guys. The top end guys truly do separate themselves by being elite in more than one category. After that you can find holes in all of the outfielders on the list.

5-Tool Players

The outfield position is always one that you can find plenty of help across all categories. In fact of the top 180 batters on the 2015 ESPN Player Rater, only 54 batters had a positive rating in all five categories and 29 of those have OF eligibility. To me that makes this the position you want to target if you want to find those 5-tool players.

As mentioned before, this position is deep. So even past the elite guys you can find 5-tool help by drafting players such as Gerardo Parra who can give you double digit home runs and steals much later in the draft. Who knows maybe you’ll get lucky and find this years A.J. Pollock.

The great thing about these types of players is because they are not elite in any one category they often go over looked. To me they are truly the glue to any successful fantasy team. The fact that they don’t hurt you in any one category is huge.

Late Spring Update

Honestly not much movement here but there has been some, due to some injury concerns clearing up.

Michael Brantley, Cleveland Indians

Not 100% cleared for opening day yet, looks like he will be ready much earlier than before. The staff is split on him still at this point, but he has moved up the rankings.

Hunter Pence, San Francisco

Another early spring injury concern, has returned and played very well. His ranking has him just outside the top-20 for outfielders and honestly I would not be one bit surprised if he eclipses that this season.

Kevin Pillar, Toronto Blue Jays

His value has risen with news that he is the clear favorite to be the Blue Jays leadoff hitter. The increase in at-bats should lead to more steals and more home runs. Also hitting in front of those power bats should make it so his run total skyrockets.

Jacoby Ellsbury New York Yankees

Always an injury concern, is dealing with a wrist injury after getting hit on the hand by a pitch. There is no timetable for his return right now, but he is apparently encouraged by how it feels right now. So far no movement in the rankings, but this is something to keep an eye on the closer we get to opening day.


2016 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings

These Fantasy rankings are mainly for Rotisserie leagues that use home runs, RBI, runs scored, stolen bases and batting averages.

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