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When it comes to rookie RBs, remember that opportunity far outweighs anything else.  Talent goes a long way, but opportunity trumps.

Imagine if Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington never get injured—how much does Dave Johnson contribute in 2016? Or a better example is that Todd Gurley is an amazing talent. But, would he have been a top ten fantasy RB last year scoring double digit touchdowns with say, 100 less carries?

I don’t think Buck Allen, who finished in the top 30 last year, is in Gurley’s league. But imagine the carries were reversed–Allen instead gets 229 carries and Gurley only gets 137. Maybe Allen doesn’t finish higher than Gurley; but I guarantee you that the gap is much closer.

There are other factors that impact rookie RB success–offensive line, match-ups, game situations, play calling etc. And of course talent almost always wins out over multiple seasons.

But few things impact rookie RB success more than opportunity.

Therefore, here in “opportunity” order are some of the better bets for success for this year’s rookie RBs.

2016 Fantasy Football Rookie Running Backs

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Ezekial Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

I was not a passenger on the hype train that was Ameer Abdullah or Melvin Gordon last year, so realize that when I say I am first class passenger on the ‘Zeke hype train, I’m not exactly a frequent flyer.

Yes, I just mixed my travel metaphors, but that’s okay because Elliott is going to help both the ground and passing games, so it works.  The Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines and Elliot might not only be the best fantasy rookie RB this year but the best RB this year period.

Talent plus opportunity has not been seen like this in years. Go get him.

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Ezekial Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

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