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There are plenty of options for our Week 11 Players to Drop column. Matt Jones, Christine Michael and J.J. Nelson probably top most people’s list,m but not mine. If there was a cheesy night club for running backs it would be called The Revolving Door and everyone would be allowed in. Much like the pool boy in a soap opera, Jones and Michael may appear to be irrelevant, but chances are both will have a chance to contribute down the line.

It’s Week 11 and the time for foolishness has come and gone. We need to be realistic with ourselves and assess our squads objectively. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t walking through that door. Matt Asiata isn’t going anywhere. Alshon Jeffrey’s suspension isn’t getting overturned. These problems aren’t going away.

With the Fantasy Football playoffs in sight, no longer can we afford to play the stash game. No, not the one your Mom thinks about playing with Tom Selleck. I’m talking about the hoarding you’ve been doing, hoping your duds magically turn into studs. This isn’t a Hollywood teen flick where the nerd takes off their glasses and gets a haircut and suddenly their entire game is on point. Make the tough decisions. If the dude sucks, just admit he sucks. Move on with your life. (My Mom doesn’t like when I say, “sucks”. Sorry, Mom.)

There are a few names on the Week 11 Players to Drop bubble. Will Fuller, Sammie Coates and Chris Ivory come to mind. Unless you can get C.J. Prosise or Thomas Rawls this week, I’m hanging on to that trio of disappointments until Week 12.

You could spend the next week getting ready for Thanksgiving or even getting started on your holiday shopping. You could do that, but the reality is you can just go to Wegmans and get something just as good as whatever it was you were going to make and leave on the kitchen table for people to smell and then ignore. And the person you’re buying holiday presents for is just going to get you socks.

Week 11 Players to Drop

Jay Cutler, QB, Chicago Bears

Alshon Jeffrey provided Smokin’ Jay with an elite playmaker, creating the potential for a big week with a plus matchup. Jeffrey was recently busted by the NFL. No, not for dancing or posting highlights on Twitter. Thankfully for fans, the NFL has done a tremendous job of preventing such heinous things. Jeffrey has been suspended for four games for using a banned substance. Cutler is now without his star wideout for the next four weeks and will be forced to rely on Zach Miller and Cameron Meredith for his Fantasy success. Cutler was borderline with Jeffrey. Without him, he’s about as useful as an NFL referee in the 4th quarter of a close game.

Ty Montgomery, RB/WR, Green Bay Packers

Early on, Montgomery looked as if he was one of 2016’s best free agent pick ups. Over the last two weeks he’s been used more sparingly than that thing you have in the closet you should have gotten rid of a year ago. Montgomery has just 11 Fantasy points in standard scoring leagues over the last two weeks and the Packers seem to be moving away from him. Christine Michael was just added and while he may not be that one adult beverage you find in the back of the refrigerator when you think you’re all out, he’ll be one more reason Montgomery’s snap count will continue to diminish.

Peyton Barber, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Barber was able to give us a few flashes over the last several weeks but no longer. Ultimately, the return of Doug Martin along with the insistence on using Mike James relegates Barber to the back of the running back garage, collecting dust once again.

Jerick McKinnon, RB, Minnesota Vikings

McKinnon is the No. 60 RB in standard scoring leagues over the last four weeks. Ronnie Hillman and Matt Asiata are both playing at a higher level right now, which is astonishing. If you’re new to Fantasy football or new to math, 60th is not good. Take your wife or girlfriend to the jewelry store and tell the person behind the counter you’d like to buy your partner their 60th best necklace. Then, after you get home you can watch it sit in the jewelry drawer for all of eternity.

Quincy Enunwa, WR, New York Jets

This is more about Bryce Petty than it is about Enunwa. Until Petty shows us something more than what he displayed last weekend, I’m looking for streamers with strong matchups rather than rely on Quincy.


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