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Justin Forsett might have been one of the greatest free agent Fantasy acquisitions of all time. In 2014, he was typically undrafted but was quickly snatched from Fantasy free agent pools. Many of his owners rode him all the way to their Fantasy Super Bowl. He is the gold standard of what we as Fantasy owners are trying to find in free agency, a.k.a the waiver wire.

Many sites refer to it as the waiver wire; I prefer to call it the free agency pool. Whether you use FAAB (free agency acquisition budget) or a waiver-system, they are all free agents. I will refer to it as the waiver wire when I am specifically talking about the waiver wire. One example might be, “Forsett was well worth using the #1 waiver wire priority on that year.” But free agency is more inclusive of all leagues, those have a waiver wire AND those that use FAAB. So that’s the term I will be using.

What else should you expect from this column?

First off, a better title for this column. Consider the title for this column a work in progress. Much of this column will actually be a work a progress that YOU will help build. You don’t like the ownership levels we’ve set? Let me know. You don’t like the general layout? Say something in the comments. For now however, here are a few of the building blocks I will typically include.

I plan to try and give you at least five players to consider grabbing off the waiver wire. This will typically include options at multiple positions. Because I prefer deep leagues, I will also give you at least one option for deeper leagues. Finally, I will also give you at least one player that Fantasy owners might be considering that you absolutely should not take. Let’s start there this week….

Week 2 Waiver Wire

Add this TD Scoring Machine? Don’t even think about it….

Jack Doyle, TE, Indianapolis Colts

Please don’t fall into the trap. I don’t care if you are in a 2-TE, 16-team league. Don’t do it. Every year, some TE makes a splash in Week 1 and then disappears. I call it the Dante Rosario Effect. In 2008, TE Dante Rosario caught 7 passes for 96 yards and a touchdown. Owners rushed to add Rosario to their rosters. He rewarded those owners with exactly zero touchdowns, an additional 11 receptions and just slightly over 100 yards the entire rest of the year.

Let’s not forget that there are at least four receiving options above Doyle–the three talented receivers plus Dwayne Allen. Furthermore, given that Doyle has exactly three TDs the last two years, I would not count on Doyle even equaling his TD total from this past Sunday the rest of the year. Doyle screams this years Rosario.

So whom should you pick up?


Scarcely Owned Players to Pick up

I will start with some “deep league” pick-ups this week—players owned in less than 20% of all leagues on both ESPN and Yahoo. The first week of the season is always kind of weird, but here are this week’s free agent pick-ups, with their ownership percentages in parenthesis.

Tyrell Williams, WR, San Diego Chargers (0.9% ESPN / 2% Yahoo)

Given the Keenan Allen injury, this is probably a bit obvious, though I was surprised to see the ownership rates as low as they were. And I would be a bit worried about Dontrelle Inman, but Williams has a much higher ceiling. He had a stronger preseason than Inman and had strong combine numbers. He ran a 4.43 with 39.5 inch vertical leap and is a SPARQ darling. Williams should surpass what Stevie Johnson did last year in his role as San Diego’s WR2. He won’t give you what you were hoping to get from Allen, but don’t be surprised if he gives you what you were willing to accept from Allen.

Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens (14.9% ESPN / 18% Yahoo)

I know, I know. You are thinking “meh.” But Buffalo was in the top half of Fantasy defenses against quarterbacks last year. Yet Flacco still threw for a solid 258 yards and a TD. Now Flacco will be taking on Cleveland, who just saw a rookie throw for 278 yards and two touchdowns against them. Don’t you think it might be worth rolling the dice with a player who has a few SB rings under his belt? Flacco also has a familiarity with Cleveland, playing them a twice a year. And you have to go back to early 2011 for the last time Flacco failed to throw a touchdown pass against them. However, Flacco is not only the Raven I am recommending this week….


Players to Add in Shallower Leagues

Justin Forsett, RB, Baltimore Ravens (ESPN 63% / Yahoo 60%)

Wait, the prize jewel from 2014 is again available in more than a third of all league’s free agency pool? Can lightning strike twice?

Okay, I’m not so sure Forsett brings the same thunder this year, and I do not love Forsett’s long term value. However, I do love the short term return we should probably get from Forsett, who is currently the Ravens No. 1 RB. Remember, we are talking about a back who had over 1500 yards less than two years ago before getting injured last year.

The Ravens take on the Browns this upcoming week, who just gave up over 130 yards to Philadelphia RBs. No reason not to expect something similar from Forsett. By the way, the last time Forsett faced Cleveland (last year), all he had was 170 yards and a touchdown. He could certainly do that again.

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys (52% ESPN / Yahoo 55 %)

If you look at the box score, the stats are not there for Prescott. The lack of TDs might be concerning, but Prescott did have what was originally ruled a touchdown pass to Dez Bryant but was overturned on review. Given how composed and fluid Prescott looked however, those TDs will come. And soon. Prescott is not quite QB1 material yet, but he should make for a solid bye-week replacement. For all you Aaron Rodgers owners, perhaps in Week 4 when Prescott takes on the lowly 49ers? But why wait? I’d grab him now.

Tajae Sharpe, WR, Tennessee Titans (41.8%­ ESPN / Yahoo 46%)

Are you still wondering who the best WR is on the Titans? The answer is Sharpe. He was targeted 11 times, four more than any other WR. He caught 7 of those targets for a solid 76 yards. Sharpe is my number one pick-up this week, especially given that he has an even softer matchup against Detroit this week.


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