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So for most of his career, Adrian Peterson has been an absolute cyborg, devoid of any human frailty.

Nothing lasts forever.

Is age or all the wear-and-tear finally catching up to the 31-year old Peterson?  Is Peterson actually a mere mortal? Peterson has only one 100+ yard game in his last eight games and only three touchdowns during that stretch. Even more concerning however might be the limited results from this year.

After years of averaging more than four yards a carry, Peterson is currently averaging just 1.6 yards per carry. Is it possible that the Vikings might actually be better off without Peterson?

I will save that topic for another time, but we will of course talk about who his owners should grab to replace him.

Week 3 Waiver Wire: Calls for Change

Before we get to changing of the guard in Minnesota however, I want to discuss some changes to this column.

I am adding two new features this week. One is pretty straightforward. It is the addition of “Others to Consider”.  Beside those featured, I will list a couple of other names that might be worthy of your consideration depending on both your team and league situation.

The other will be my “Weekly assessment”. I will give a letter grade to how rich the pool of FA or waiver wire options is. For example, I would give this week a “B-“. What does that mean really?

The letter grades break out as follows:


There are at least six options worthy of your consideration and at least two players that even if you are in first place you need to consider grabbing


There are at least four options worthy of your consideration and probably one player you absolutely need to consider grabbing


There are three or four options worthy of your consideration but there’s not a single “standout” player you need to grab. For example, last week was a C and while I really liked Sharpe, he’s not a make/break player you absolutely had to add.


There are a couple of options worthy of your consideration

And there is no “F”, because if you need to make improvements, there are always options out there. If nothing else, you probably find a Defense to stream. Also, during those weeks, I will add a “Hail Mary” option to pick-up. This will be a player that is probably not going to do much, but could see the end zone to give you just enough points from what might otherwise be just a few fantasy points or less.

Enough with the grades, let’s go this week’s free agent pick-ups and replacing AP

Waiver Wire Additions at RB:

Jerrick McKinnon, Minnesota (24.1% ESPN 23% Yahoo)

Obviously the first place to look for AP’s replacement is in Minnesota. The reason to grab McKinnon is because according to the Minnesota Star Tribue writer, he should get the majority of the carries:

As stated above however, Matt Asiata (.2% ESPN Yahoo 1%) will probably get the goal-line work, but he should also see some of the passes that might have gone Peterson’s way.

Of course there are some other options at RB this week too, such as the Miami situation….

Jay Ajayi (46.1% ESPN  27% Yahoo) and Kenyan Drake ( 1.5% ESPN 1% Yahoo), Miami

I hope you are sitting down, because yes, Arian Foster is injured again. If you are a Foster owner, hopefully you grabbed at least one of his backups, but given the lower ownership rates, I can tell not everyone did. As Foster’s injury woes persist (notice I didn’t say if), someone is going to have get at least handful of carries. Ignoring the potential talent gap for now, that’s exactly the problem—it’s a handful of carries. The Dolphins ran nearly three times as many pass plays to run plays (45:16) on Sunday and I expect that to be a frequent script.

Of course Miami is not the only place where we have an often-injured RB who is injured however.

Fozzy Whittaker (0.8% ESPN 5% Yahoo) and Cameron Artis-Payne (1.9% ESPN 1% Yahoo), Carolina

In Carolina, Jonathan Stewart was a little gimpy coming into the game and is now a lot gimpy coming out of it. Fozzy Whittaker did a lot of the heavy lifting when Stewart came out. Cameron Artis-Payne has been a scratch the last few weeks, but that’s because his skill set is very similar to Stewart’s. Whittaker is more of a change of pace back. With that being said, for the short term expect Whittaker to see more action but if this persists expect “CAP” to be the primary back.

Yes, RB is muddled. Let’s move to a position where one player has actually cleared up the situation, TE.

Waiver Wire Additions at TE:

Dennis Pitta, Baltimore (10.5% ESPN, 11% Yahoo)

You recall how week 1 was not a good one for tight ends? Week 2 was slightly better, but Dennis Pitta is still under the radar. After a fairly quiet week 1, Pitta caught nine of twelve targets and crossed the century mark. The issue with Pitta is always injuries. But recall that the last season he played 16 games he scored seven touchdowns. You also should know how important the TE is in a Marc Trestman offense. What you might not know is that Pitta and Joe Flacco have been roommates. You think Pitta might be heavily involved in the passing game? If you are looking for help at TE, Pitta is well worth the gamble.

Let’s talk about whom I would not gamble on however:

Waiver Wire Additions at QB:

There are three quarterbacks who should be on your radar and at least one good reason why you shouldn’t grab them this week:

-Sam Bradford looked great, but he is playing Carolina this week. No thanks

-It seems whomever plays QB for New England can succeed, but Jacoby Brisset is playing Houston on a short week and is he really worth it for just two games?

-Alex Smith is throwing the ball nearly 40 times a games. If that continues, he should continue to have value. However, despite 37 attempts this week, he still had only 186 passing yards. Hold off for now, but keep him on your radar.

Waiver Wire Additions at WR:

Jamison Crowder, Washington (3.2% ESPN, 5% Yahoo)


-Crowder’s 18 targets through two games are tied for the team-high

-He has turned in two decent fantasy outings already, with nearly 12 and 16 points the last two weeks respectively.

-He has three good matches over the next three weeks (Giants, Browns, and Ravens)

Others to Consider: Justin Hardy, Jermaine Kearse/Paul Richardson, Cole Beasely, Quincy Enunwa

Waiver Wire Suggestion of the Week for Very Deep Leagues

Marqise Lee, Jacksonville (0.7% ESPN 0% in Yahoo)

I’ve mentioned how much I like Lee before, but he’s a sneaky add as most of your opponents probably didn’t even realize he led the Jags in receiving this weekend, including the most targeted receiver. The transition is coming; get in on it now.

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