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Some religious folk might say pride cometh before the fall. And I agree that pride is rightfully one of the seven deadly sins. Yet rather than side with those religious folks, I agree with that believer of Medieval virtue Marsellus Wallace who said, “Pride only hurts, it never helps”.

Yes, pride seems to be more hurtful than helpful in fantasy football too. Way too many owners are afraid of looking stupid. Thus, instead of trusting their gut they pass on a guy who they think might be good. Afraid of derision, they wait and rationalize, “let me see him do it again”.  They wait and now best case scenario is the owner uses up their waiver wire priority instead of the suitors coming to him to request a trade.

Hence, fair warning that  if you grab some of these guys during this C level week of pick-ups, you might have derision reign down on you.

But let them laugh. Take the risk. Before you know it, they will be the ones green with envy.

Below are this week’s pride killing options, but let’s start with one that the sloth owner goes after.

Fantasy Football Week 6 Waiver Wire

“Don’t Even Think About It”

Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers (ESPN 9.7%, Yahoo 10%)

I’ve recently forgotten to include this section. Yet I need to bring it back because I’m seeing greedy owners thinking about adding Adams.

Perhaps it was his five receptions for 85 yards and a TD on Sunday Night. He’s also scored in three of four games. While he has averaged over half a dozen targets a game,  he’s turned those 24 targets into just 13 catches. He’s third on the depth chart behind Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson, which makes it tough to expect consistent production.

He’s been TD dependent thus far, and trust me, having him will inspire no envy. But you might be surprised who might.

Waiver Wire Additions at QB

Brian Hoyer, QB, Chicago Bears (ESPN 16.6%, 18% Yahoo)

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Don’t led pride detain you from taking a quarterback who has been better than many realize. In addition to coming off of a season of 19 TDs to only 7 INTs, Hoyer so far this year:

-Has not thrown an interception.

-He has three weeks in a row of 2-TD games.

-Passed for over 1,000 yards over the last three weeks with three 300+ yards games in a row.

Despite all that, why should you lust after Hoyer now? The Bears opponent this week is the Jacksonville Jaguars who have given up the 7th most fantasy points to quarterbacks. Hoyer might be worth it. But Hoyer is not the only Bear worth grabbing this week….

Waiver Wire Additions at WR

Cameron Meredith, WR, Chicago Bears (ESPN 1.6%, Yahoo 5%)

Some will look at Meredith’s 12 targets this week leading to nine catches, 130 receiving yards and a touchdown and say, “Yeah, that was one week. Let’s see him do it again”. Because why take a chance on a 6’3, 207-pounder (real similar to the 6’3 218-pound Alshon Jeffrey) who ran a 4.42 40-yard dash? That’s sarcasm by the way. Which is not a sin, but passing up on Meredith is.

We move up from a second year to a third year player, who given the success of the 2014 WR class has been very under the radar. But it might not be long before everyone tries to grab….

Adam Thielen, WR, Minnesota Vikings (.7% ESPN, 2% Yahoo)

Thielen is on a bye this week. That is the number one reason not to grab him this week. But I would still grab him for depth this week even when Diggs comes back the following week, because um…how should I put this? Because Laquon Treadwell and Charles Johnson have done nothing. Meanwhile, Thielen snatched seven of his eight targets for 127 yards and a touchdown against the Texans, who had given up the second least fantasy points to wide receivers. His touchdown came on a nifty double-move in the first quarter but he also showed his range with an impressive leaping grab on the sideline in the fourth.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about someone drawing on another sin—wrath, as in CJ Anderson owners.

Waiver Wire Additions at RB

Devontae Booker, RB, Denver Broncos (21.1 % ESPN, 10% Yahoo)

Here is Bookers snap count percentage by game:

Week 1: 10%
Week 2: 19%
Week 3: 23%
Week 4: 25%
Week 5: 38%

That is a percentage growing at a gluttonous rate. Not only does Booker have a tidy four yards a rush average, but he is also a weapon in the passing game as he caught four passes for 36 yards this past Sunday.  You don’t need to be detective Somerset to see what is going on here. Booker is bigger than CJ Anderson and his 59 total yards last week were just three fewer than C.J. Anderson, despite four less touches. Don’t let pride stop you–Booker should be added in most leagues.

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