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Week 8 of the NFL season was unlike anything else we’ve ever seen, thanks to the fans in the lovely village of Buffalo, NY. You may have seen, or heard, about the very much identified flying object launched during the Patriots/Bills game on Sunday. Much to the chagrin of Bills fans, it was one of the better throws they had all game.

It’s November. Time to get real people. The start of November means the following things are true:

  • November Rain is overplayed on the radio
  • Some white celebrity will apologize for wearing a racially insensitive costume on Halloween
  • Your Facebook friends will assume you’ve never seen a child sitting in a pile of leaves
  • It’s time to get real and drop your loose change from your Fantasy team if you want to win

Week 9 Players to Drop

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks


Apparently, Bubble Water isn’t the magic elixir it was marketed to be. Shocking! Danger Russ is clearly injured. He looks like “that guy” at the gym playing pickup hoops. You know the guy. The guy with the double knee braces and the elbow sleeve, because everything on him is falling apart. That’s Russ.

Over the last four weeks, Wilson is the 32nd highest scoring QB … 32nd …

I hate to drop such a highly drafted player but at this point if I’m fighting to make the playoffs, so long, sir.

(For the record, I’m unfortunately that guy at the gym)

Dwayne Washington, RB, Detroit Lions

Washington was a healthy scratch last week, to the disappointment of many of us in the Fantasy community. I too had been one of the owners stashing Washington, hoping he would get a chance. I thought for certain by holding onto Washington I’d hit the jackpot eventually. Instead, all I got was a steak dinner.

This actually happened. If you didn’t hear about it, click here. Imagine thinking you have 40 million dollars to being offered a free steak…

Anquan Boldin, WR, Detroit Lions

I love me some Anquan Boldin. He’s as tough as they come and I’d gladly take him on my real life football team. Unfortunately for Fantasy Football owners, he’s most likely a Week 9 Player to Drop. Eric Ebron is back. Theo Riddick has returned. This is going to limit those short area targets Boldin was seeing. If there’s someone on your waiver wire, Boldin will probably still be there next week. Take a shot on someone else.

Cameron Meredith, WR, Chicago Bears

Smokin’ Jay Cutler has returned. All of Jay’s love goes to Alshon Jeffery. It was fun while it lasted with Meredith but the Fantasy of thinking you sneakily grabbed a stud for the stretch run is now over. Cutler is going to continue to pepper Jeffery and Zach Miller.


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