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We all know the feeling. You spent weeks planning. You knew what you wanted coming into draft day, and you came away feeling like you nailed it. After the draft have the utmost confidence for the upcoming fantasy football season. But then, the first few weeks go by and all of your faith vanishes.

Your players that you felt so good about do not perform up to expectations. You start to doubt yourself. That is the biggest mistake. The main thing to remember is do not panic. You can’t go back now.  You have to trust your strategy that you executed on draft day.

One of the toughest positions to have to deal with adversity is with quarterbacks. Most of the time, you take you quarterback with the mindset that you won’t have to worry about another quarterback for the rest of the year. This is because quarterbacks are the most consistent out of all of the positions.

When dealing with adversity at any positions, there are reasonable and unreasonable conclusions, and this is also true with quarterbacks. It is one thing if last year’s number one scoring quarterback throw for 250 yards and one touchdown, it is another if he has three straight weeks failing to top those numbers and there are legitimate reasons to believe that that could continue.

It can definitely be tough sometimes to figure out which concerns are legitimate and which aren’t. Need help?  Let’s start by ranking the top 12 quarterbacks following Week 2 for the remainder of the season, and separate the false doubt from the true worries.

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

No. 1: Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

I admit that I had my doubt about Newton coming into the season. I honestly didn’t think that the Panthers were as good as they played last year, and I still stand by that.

However, with Kelvin Benjamin back in the Panthers offense, I expect another top year from Newton.

After only managing 20 points in Week 1 (which was still a decent performance as far as fantasy points, especially against the Denver defense), he bounced back and led all quarterbacks in Week 2 with 29. Lock him in, as he combines a high floor with elite upside every single week.

No. 2: Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

In one of the toughest spots to choose on this list, I ended up going with Drew Brees.

The Saints have an awful defense, which will make the Saints have to pass in order to come from behind. The presence of Mark Ingram keeps defenses off balance. Brandin Cooks gives him a home run threat who can score on any given play.

He also is extremely reliable, as he has constantly proven in his long career. After going off for 30 points in Week 1 against the Raiders, he struggled in a very weird game against the Giants, consider this a fluke, and enjoy his elite production.

No. 3: Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

After an awesome 2014 year, Luck was among the biggest fantasy disappointments in 2015. I expected him to bounce back for this year’s campaign and so far he has shown no reason to argue otherwise.

He put up 35 points in Week 1 on his way to the number one fantasy performance. In Week 2, however, he was held in check, being held to only nine fantasy points. However, that was up against the Broncos defense, who are arguably the best in football. The only thing keeping him from being higher is his lack of weapons.

Roll with him as an elite QB1 for the rest of the season.

No. 4: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Rodgers struggled a bit in Week 1 up against the Jaguars, only managing 199 passing yards and two touchdowns. He managed to salvage the day by adding in a rushing touchdown.

Then, he followed that up with another awful performance against the Vikings in Week 2 that could have been worse if not for another rushing touchdown.

However, don’t worry about A-Rod. He has Jordy Nelson back, a better Eddie Lacy, and is still Aaron Rodgers. Combine that with a relatively friendly schedule, and he should be in for a great year.

Although, it is quite odd that he hasn’t produced this year. It could be a frustrating year for fantasy owners, but I would rather bet on a bounceback from the first two weeks than a flop, and a good week next week would surely shoot him right back up this list.

No. 5: Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Obviously, Tom Brady was suspended by the NFL for the first four games of the season. Now would be the time to trade for him if you can before he returns right back to the form he was in last year.

He returns to an offense that still has plenty of weapons and is perfectly built for him. This future Hall of Famer is in for another huge year, and we just have to wait until Week 5 for it to begin.

No. 6: Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have one of the best offenses in football. You want to get your hands on as many pieces of that offense as you can for fantasy, and it is no different with Palmer.

A surprise stud last year, Palmer is looking like he will be duplicating what he did in 2015 on to this season. An 18 point Week 1 performance wasn’t the greatest, but a bounce back 24 points showing in Week 2 points all signs toward another season of outstanding production.

No. 7: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

I loved Russ coming into the year. He is a great quarterback who will be in a more or less pass heavy offense after the retirement of Marshawn Lynch. However, he has struggled in the first two weeks and I think these struggles may be for real.

He has only managed to put up 11 points in each of his first two matchups, and he has looked awful. By no means should you sell low on Wilson, as you will not get a return up to par with the price that you paid for him, but don’t expect a bounce back, as he could find himself much lower than six on this list in the very near future.

No. 8: Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben is still a great option at the quarterback position. He put up 22 points in his first contest, and then managed 19 in Week 2 against a tough Bengals defense.

While not getting the best yard totals, his six touchdowns in the first two weeks are tops in the NFL.

Getting Le’Veon Bell back won’t hurt his value at all either, as even without him they have a great running back in DeAngelo Williams. Bell may even help Roethlisberger considering his presence in the passing game. While he may not be an elite QB1, he is still a great option at the position.

No. 9: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Stafford was a player that carried my fantasy squad to a championship last year, and I made sure to get him this year. He was the No. 3 Quarterback last year after the Lions hired Jim Bob Cooter.

Stafford followed an awesome 25 point week in Week 1 with a mediocre performance in Week 2, but it should have been better. He had two touchdowns called back on penalties, and he really was only one of those touchdowns away from another great outing. I love Stafford, and so should you.

No. 10: Eli Manning, New York Giants

Manning was another player I was very high on coming into the year. He put up three touchdowns on his way to 18 fantasy points in Week 1, and in the weird outlier game against the Saints, while he didn’t throw a touchdown, he threw for 368 passing yards. Fantasy owners should feel confident that he is a great option in the back end of the QB1 tier.

No. 11: Derek Carr, Oakland Raider

While Derrick Carr isn’t an ideal QB1, he is very good for a low end option at the position. Carr plays with two great receivers, Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree, a decent running back in Latavius Murray, and one of the best offensive lines in football.

By putting up 21 points in Week 1 and 24 points in Week 2, he has proven himself to be a reliable quarterback. Feel good about having him.

No. 12: Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s fantasy value hangs on Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. Those two guys could make any quarterback fantasy relevant, and that’s what they did with “Fitzmagic.” His 14 points in Week 1 weren’t the greatest, but the 20 points in Week 2 were good enough for any fantasy owner to be happy.

While I could have picked a lot of quarterbacks over him (Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers, Tyrod Taylor, Blake Bortles, etc.), I like his floor and upside each week given his wide receivers. While I would way rather have him as a good backup/bye week fill in, having him at quarterback is not the worst possible thing.
The bottom line of this is to not panic. Stick with what you picked, because you can’t go back and change your draft, and hope for the best. Good luck to all, and happy fantasy season.

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