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Today we will look at the  closer rankings report. By now you should know the drill. ‘Do not pay for saves!’ But alas, there are some people out there that draft them insanely high. We all have that one person in you draft that will take a closer before they have drafted a starting pitcher. Let alone filled out their starting lineup.

To that I say, go ahead; you are just pushing valuable pieces down the draft board for me to take advantage of. Now if one of these closers happens to fall to an area where it would be crazy to pass on them, I’ll jump. But more than likely, you are not getting one of the top closers without a premium pick.

All the while I will sit back and grab a guy like Neftali Feliz and Addison Reed. I will also grab setup men who will get the occasional spot save, but could also take over should and injury or trade occurs in season.

The rankings below will be fluid until the final days of Spring Training. Some of the top guys will look the same across many different sites. While towards the bottom it is anyone’s guess who will emerge. We also have those ugly committees to deal with as well.

So let’s get to the 2017 Fantasy Baseball closer rankings!

Closer Rankings Report

Tier One

The Elitists

You know what you are going to get from these guys barring injury. A lot of saves, a lot of Ks, and an ERA that should be near, or below 2.00.

  1. Kenley Jansen, Los Angeles Dodgers
  2. Zach Britton, Baltimore Orioles
  3. Aroldis Chapman, New York Yankees
  4. Edwin Diaz, Seattle Mariners
  5. Seung Hwan Oh, St. Louis Cardinals
  6. Mark Melancon, San Francisco Giants

Tier Two

The Wannabes


These are the guys that either their team will score a lot to keep them from save opportunities (Red Sox, Cubs), or that have one question about them. Will they be traded, or will their team under-perform? Either way, they are still good ninth inning closers to have, without the cost of the tier one guys.

  1. Craig Kimbrel, Boston Red Sox
  2. Ken Giles, Houston Astros
  3. Wade Davis, Chicago Cubs
  4. Roberto Osuna, Toronto Blue Jays
  5. Kelvin Herrera, Kansas City Royals
  6. Cody Allen, Cleveland Indians*
  7. Alex Colome, Tampa Bay Rays
  8. David Robertson, Chicago White Sox
  9. Francisco Rodriguez, Detroit Tigers
  10. Tony Watson, Pittsburgh Pirates
  11. A.J. Ramos, Miami Marlins
  12. Sam Dyson, Texas Rangers

Tier Three

The Employed


These guys either may not hold onto the job or could be bogged down by a committee. Or in Addison Reed’s case, is the main guy going to be suspended, and for how long? In Shawn Kelley’s case, maybe their team goes out and gets a closer. They already went out and got some more depth by signing Joe Blanton.

  1. Shawn Kelley, Washington Nationals*
  2. Addison Reed, New York Mets
  3. Fernando Rodney, Arizona Diamondbacks
  4. Neftali Feliz, Milwaukee Brewers*


Tier Four

The Dart Throw


These guys are either in a committee, waiting for someone to take their job or have the job because the others are coming back from an injury. Jim Johnson is a trade candidate later in the season; Kintzler is staring at Glen Perkins coming back.

  1. Rasiel Iglesias, Cincinnati Reds*
  2. Jim Johnson, Atlanta Braves
  3. Brandon Kintzler, Minnesota Twins
  4. Adam Ottavino, Colorado Rockies*
  5. Andrew Bailey, Los Angeles Angels*
  6. Joaquin Benoit, Philadelphia Phillies*
  7. Brandon Maurer, San Diego Padres
  8. Ryan Madson, Oakland Athletics*

* Indicates committee

So there are the 2017 Fantasy Baseball closer rankings so far. As stated above, these situations are fluid so check back to see any new changes with a team’s situation.

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