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Here we go again with the NFL frenzy, money spending free agency period! The Chicago bears have signed quarterback Mike Glennon to a three-year, $45 million contract with $19 million guaranteed.

Glennon has started 18 total games since he came into the league at age 24 in 2013. He has yet come into a season as the starter. The two quarterbacks to start the 2013 and 2014 season in front of Mr. Glennon. Any guesses? A couple of Josh’s. Got it yet? Well here you go …  Josh Freeman and Josh McCown.

When the guy has been given the opportunity he has actually looked like he belongs on the field. No one has really given him the chance, with a full off season under his belt, knowing he would be ‘the guy.’

In his rookie season where he saw 13 starts, he threw 19 touchdowns and 9 interceptions for 2,608 yards. Glennon hasn’t started a game since November 11, 2014. I understand why Aaron Rodgers wants more money. Glennon will be making more than, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Derek Carr and throw Jimmy Garoppolo in as well.

It’s payday folks and who doesn’t love it more than these quarterbacks. I sure wish I was a quarterback…

The Windy City Welcomes Mike Glennon

Now Where’s the Fantasy Value in the Windy City


The Chicago Bears, if you haven’t heard, lost Alshon Jeffery to the Philadelphia Eagles. They did add Markus Wheaton to try and fill in for Jeffery’s absence. Cameron Meredith is coming off of a nice season where he hauled in 66 balls on 96 targets for 888 yards and 4 touchdowns. Kevin White will be coming off another season that he failed to complete, fracturing his fibula.

From a Fantasy angle, could Glennon be draftable? In a standard, 10-team league, heck no. In a deep, two quarterback league, I guess so. In regard to Cameron Meredith, Kevin White, and Markus Wheaton, their Fantasy value stays the same as before the signing. In fact, I rank them in that order as well.

Kevin White’s showing against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 3 caught my eye as he continued to fight for the ball, catching six passes for 62 yards. If Kevin White can stay healthy, Glennon will have some interesting pieces to throw to.

I have always thought that Glennon is an interesting little prospect and could be a solid quarterback, looking at his mechanics and size. His throwing motion is really beautiful and he stands tall at 6’7”. The size can hurt him, as he fails to avoid pressure.

I see Mike Glennon taking less chances than Jay Cutler. You may say, ‘hey I want to see the big play down the field or throw into coverage.’ You can look at it from both sides here. Less chances means potentially fewer interceptions, which in turn could mean more time on the field! In a season where Glennon gets 16 starts, could we see a stat line of a 60% completion rate, 22 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and 3,800 yards? Looks to me like an Alex Smith clone.

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