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As I can hardly contain my excitement, here is my 2017 First Round NFL Mock Draft V2. With draft day upon us, a lot of disappointing stories have surfaced this week.

Multiple failed drug tests by first round prospects Jabrill Peppers and Reuben Foster have hurt their draft stock. The big story here is the sexual assault accusations toward Ohio State corner back Gareon Conley, that have just been announced April 25. I’ll admit I’m not sure what this will do to his draft stock, and I haven’t heard any team executives speak on the matter. Due to the severity of sexual assault as an issue in our league and the depth at cornerback, I’ve dropped Conley out of the first round. This will absolutely be a storyline to follow the next day or two and throughout the draft process.

Now onto more positive storylines, I’ve got two running backs in the Top 10 and three Quarterbacks in the first round. With these two running backs going early, I call this the Zeke effect. Last season, Dallas bet on a great running back instead of a great defensive talent, and they controlled the ball. By controlling the ball, Dallas grinded defenses down, kept opposing offenses having to throw to catch up, and awarded them one of the best run defenses in the league.

I’m not saying either Leonard Fournette or Christian McCaffrey are Ezekiel Elliott, but who says they can’t have a similar effect. Both of the teams drafting these backs, Jacksonville and Carolina, need running backs to take pressure off their Quarterbacks. This will also help their defenses, both of which should play better this season.

The Quarterbacks are always intriguing because of the importance of the position. If we’re looking strictly at talent across all positions, only two Quarterbacks should even be considered as bottom of the first-round talent. In fact, none of these Quarterbacks are really first-round talent. However, Quarterbacks are so important that they typically go a round before they should. Even with rumors that San Francisco, Chicago, and Buffalo could draft a Quarterback, I’m sticking with the Jets and Browns. I’m giving Mitchell Trubisky to the Jets at six, and DeShaun Watson to the Browns at 12.

I also have Patrick Mahomes going to the Texans at 25, as they can’t wait until the second round. If Houston wants a Quarterback to compete with Tom Savage, as they should, they have to take Mahomes here.

Aside from these offensive stars, the first-round is filled with great defensive players. With a poor offensive line and Quarterback class, this is where a majority of teams will go.

I have ben waiting for this day and cannot wait to see how the first-round plays out. Below each pick, I also listed other possible direction teams could go with their pick. These possible picks are influenced by good fits, the players around that draft position, and other mock drafts I’ve seen. Enjoy the mock draft, and have some fun watching the draft this weekend!

First Round 2017 NFL Mock Draft V2

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Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

This should come to no surprise to anyone, as Garrett is the best player in this draft. All of this talk about Cleveland taking a Quarterback needs to come at pick twelve, not one. Garrett is a great fit here as the Browns allowed the second most rushing yards per game and ranked 30th in the league in total sacks. Garrett will help significantly with both of those stats.

Other Possible Picks:

  • Mitchell Trubisky, QB, UNC
  • Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
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Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

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