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2018 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions: Recklessly Early Preseason Edition

2018 Fantasy Football bold predictions
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There are 2018 Fantasy Football bold predictions and then there are recklessly early 2018 Fantasy Football bold predictions. It is reckless to make any prediction this early with no idea how preseason battles and injuries will shake out, rookies and new free agents will fit in, or how players might adapt to new coaches and schemes.

That powerhouse team from last year can suddenly look vulnerable. The also-ran suddenly looks like a Super Bowl contender. That’s why we never make them before the preseason starts and usually wait until the week before the season.

That changes today.

Well, at least for me. I’m going out on a limb now. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.

I might be wrong, but I’m not just throwing darts randomly. These recklessly early 2018 Fantasy Football bold predictions are not random guesses. Yes, some are based on gut but everything below is based on research, what I know about these teams, and years of experience.

Additionally, these predictions provide some insight where my head and gut are right now. And if you’ve read our bold predictions before, you know my bold predictions have a decent success rate. You’ll also see that because of assumption A, I think result B happens. Maybe B doesn’t happen, but in many of the items below, I feel pretty confident about assumption A.

I didn’t want to leave any fan base out, so here are my recklessly early 2018 Fantasy Football bold predictions for every team for the upcoming year, broken up by division.

2018 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

A.J. McCarron holds off Josh Allen and has the Bills fans riding high with a 4-1 record. Then in week 6, Katherine Webb’s beau’s season ends due to a bone-jarring hit from the Houston D. Allen takes over and throws nearly 20 INTs in just 10 games.

New England Patriots

Hope you’re sitting down for this one–the Patriots are a better running team in 2018 than a passing one.

New York Jets

The Jets win the division. No, I’m not joking. Get your Jets players now while you can.

Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill goes undrafted in standard leagues but is the first quarterback everyone rushes to the grab from the free agency pool.


AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals

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Marvin Lewis is the first coach fired this year. Doesn’t sound bold I know, but given how many times he’s avoided the ax, it really is.

Cleveland Browns

For you IDPers: Denzel Ward has more INTs than any other CB in the division, making all those draft critics eat crow.

Pittsburgh Steelers

After being victimized by a very controversial hit in Week 17 against the Cincinnati Bengals, Ben Roethlisberger announces his retirement as a wave of CTE stories nearly distract from the opening round of the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens

“Joe Must Go” chants reach the “loudest chant for manure” levels as the Ravens become a laughing stock and John Harbaugh soon follows Marvin Lewis in collecting unemployment insurance.


AFC South

Houston Texans

DeShaun Watson is the number one Fantasy quarterback. And it’s not even close.

Indianapolis Colts

Colts doth protest too much me thinks. Jacoby Brissett is the Colts Week 1 starter.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Marqise Lee catches 80 balls this year and has over 1,000 yards. Yet six months from now, this looks like the dumbest of all the dumb predictions I made here.

Tennessee Titans

Dion Lewis is an afterthought as Derrick Henry is the league’s leading rusher.


AFC West

Denver Broncos

The youth movement is on in Denver as Royce Freeman and Courtland Sutton lead the team in rushing and receiving respectively. And at some point, Bradley Chubb has more sacks than Von Miller.

Los Angeles Chargers

Despite being the 8th WR off the board (based on ADP), Keenan Allen is not even the best WR on his own team.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders rushing game is bad; like 32nd in the league bad.

Kansas City Chiefs

“Welcome to the 4K club, we’d like you to meet our newest member, Patrick Mahomes…”


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Of all the rookie wide receivers, Michael Gallup is the first to make an impact, scoring three touchdowns before Week 3.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagle TEs combine for 20 TDs as Zach Ertz hits double-digit touchdowns before Thanksgiving.

Washington Redskins

Derrius Guice is overshadowed in the division as he can’t compete with Saquon Barkley in the passing game. Yet Guice outproduces Barkley on the ground with more rushing yards and more rushing touchdowns.

New York Giants

Evan Engram has more catches than Odell Beckham. Probably requires Beckham to do something stupid for that to happen, but that’s not exactly a sucker bet.

NFC North

Detroit Lions

I’ll give you two. Kenny Golladay leads the Leos in receiving touchdowns. Conversely, PPR darling Theo Riddick who has 84 and 92 catches respectively the last two years, fails to catch even 50.

Minnesota Vikings

Despite 20 TDs the last two years combined and Jerrick McKinnon taking his talents to the 49ers, Latavius Murray doesn’t even score three times this year.

Green Bay Packers

Telling you that the GB backfield situation continues to be maddening is not bold. But the reasoning is,  because Green Bay finally figures it out: Aaron Jones is the yardage guy, easily going over 1,000 yards, and Jamaal Williams is the goal-line back, scoring at least 10 touchdowns.

Chicago Bears

Too many people are predicting that Mitch Trubisky has a break-out year this year. I’ll go the other way and say Chase Daniel becomes this year’s “Scott Mitchell Award” Recipient, a la Nick Foles last year. Daniel becomes an overpaid starter on the strength of just three or four replacement games.



NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

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Julio Jones gets injured, but that’s not the bold part. His injury opens up the door, not for Calvin Ridley, but Justin Hardy whom I finally have given up on as the football gods laugh at my expense.

Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey has over 1,800 combined yards but still has less than 10 touchdowns.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints Fantasy player to own this year is NOT Alvin Kamara, not Michael Thomas, and not even Drew Brees. It is Cameron Meredith.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Evans never sees his ADP pop into the first round, yet bounces back and scores a dozen TDs.





NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

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Despite not being drafted in the first 15 rounds of most drafts, Ricky Seals-Jones is a clear Fantasy TE1.

Los Angeles Rams

Do you think 781 yards and five TDs is really a “break-out season” for a fifth-year receiver? Me neither. But that won’t stop the preseason hype for Robert Woods. I’ll go way out on a limb and say that if the Rams current WR4 Josh Reynolds is healthy by Week 1, he outproduces Woods.

San Francisco 49ers

George Kittle ends up on a ton of my teams and I end up quite happy about it.

Seattle Seahawks

Somewhat surprisingly, Doug Baldwin has never had more than three 100-plus yard games in a season. With Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson both gone,  he gets six this year.


So there you have it. Think of I’m nuts? Hit me up in the comments section with your own recklessly early 2018 Fantasy Football bold predictions!


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