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3 Defenses That Will Be Busts In 2018

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Year after year there are defenses that are drafted in hopes of them sustaining their high projected Fantasy value all season. Needless to say, there are some defenses that will be busts in 2018. I am hear to tell you the three defenses that will be busts in 2018.

If you are unaware of what a bust means, let me explain it. A bust is when you select a player with a high draft pick or is high in the rankings. At the end of the season they fail to meet those expectations and score minimal points. In 2017, the Houston Texans defense was the definition of a bust. Going into the season they were a projected Top five defense, but finished as the 25th worst defense.

A bust can happen to any one of your picks. Here are the main reasons for a busted pick: injury, poor play/benching, and bad offenses. Out of those three reasoning for a busted draft pick the one that effected Houston last season was injury.

With my three defenses that I think will be complete busts in 2018 it’s due to average draft position (ADP), key offseason losses, and/or statistical backing to prove why they’ll a bust.

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3 Defenses That Will Be Busts in 2018

Minnesota Vikings

Don’t get me wrong this is a Top defense in the NFL, but we’re talking Fantasy Football. Not a lot of people know that the Vikings finished as the 12th ranked defense in 2017. It was mainly due to their lack of sacks (37), fumble recoveries (5), and only having one defensive touchdown.

This defense is being drafted with the hopes of them sustaining their Top three ranking. In actuality they’re not the best investment to make because of their difficult division and lack of capitalizing on turnovers. There are better defenses such as: Philadelphia, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles (both of them), and Baltimore to draft instead of Minnesota. There is a chance for this defense to be a bust again in 2018.

Seattle Seahawks

It’s an end of a era in Seattle. The Legion of Boom is no more. My main problem with the Seattle defense has to be how they lost some of their best defensive players this offseason. Let us go over some of the players they lost, shall we? Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, Kam Chancellor, and most recently they played Byron Maxwell on IR.

The most recent loss for this defense is Byron Maxwell to Injured Reserve. The only bright side is that last L.O.B member, Earl Thomas, is expected to report to camp this week.

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Seattle has the 14th best defense according to Fantasy Pros. There are so many uncertainties with this team because of all the new faces in Seattle. Having the Griffin brothers and arguably the best linebacker, Bobby Wagner, still give this defense some relevance. Chicago, New England, and Carolina are all better options than Seattle, in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if this defense busted this season and fall out of the Top 20.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The reasons why I put Pittsburgh on this list is because of the loss of Ryan Shazier and the improvement to the teams in the AFC North. Last season, Shazier suffered a possible career ending neck injury. It was a frightening injury and due to it we now have the new tackling rule. Without him on the field it leaves not only a physical void, but a mental void, too. Shazier is the heart and soul of that defense and I’m not sure how well they’ll be without him in 2018.

Heading into the 2018 season the Ravens, Browns, and Bengals all improved their offenses. Ravens got a completely new and much improved receiving threats. Cleveland is a completely new team and with Tyrod under center for them that’ll limit the turnovers. Bengals upgraded their offensive line. Plus, they will get back deep threat John Ross, who missed most of last season with multiple injuries. Those six games won’t be as easy for the Steelers in 2018.

In 2017, the Steelers defense set a franchise record and led the NFL with 56 sacks. That is going to be very hard to repeat. It’s also going to be hard to replace the 89 tackles that Shazier produced before his neck injury on Week 13. Even with Pittsburgh leading the NFL in sacks, they only finished as the eighth best defense in Fantasy Football. I’d take the Patriots, Bears, Panthers, and Saints before I take the Steelers defense.

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