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33 New Fantasy Football Rules to Make Your League Awesome-r

Awesome Fantasy Football Rules

Fantasy Football might be the greatest American invention since democracy, jazz or Buffalo wings! So why would I come up with these 33 new Fantasy Football rules your league should consider using?

You can always improve on great things!

(Wouldn’t Kate Upton be even better if she won Top Chef?)

So I put my thinking cap on (it’s a trucker hat that says, “You Look Like I Need a Beer”), and came up with a dozen great new Fantasy Football rules that should be considered in your leagues!

(I’ve been writing articles like this for years, so some of these Fantasy Football league ideas I came up with might be repeats, but I just keep building on it! It’s like a keeper league!)

33 New Fantasy Football Rules to Improve Your League’s Awesomeness

These new Fantasy Football rules are mostly for yearly or keeper leagues, unless otherwise specified. Also, they’re for 12-team leagues with standard scoring systems. Of course, once we’re done with our new rules, there might not be anything “standard” about them!

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1. Public Counteroffers During Trade Veto Window

I completely stole this idea from my buddy Matt Musico over at FanDuel, but I love it too much not to share it with you! Basically, when a trade occurs and it goes up to the league’s other owners to vote on and possibly veto, all of the other uninvolved owners will have the opportunity to make a counteroffer for any of the players involved. And what makes it even better is – once a trade is counteroffered, that goes up for veto and more owners can try to counteroffer that! The beauty of this rule is that you’ll never again have a trade that gets vetoed, or a trade that all of the other owners complain about.

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1. Public Counteroffers During Trade Veto Window

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