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There are approximately 3,023,942 Fantasy Baseball websites out there, and about 3,023,930 of them are crap.

But there are also a handful of excellent Fantasy sites, but some of them are pay sites.

There’s a very good reason for this – they offer up content that free websites just can’t offer, whether it’s in-depth original statistics or baseball writers with decades of experience.

If you’ve never used, then you’re going to want to know about what you’ve been missing. The odds of your Fantasy Baseball team winning a championship depends on it!

Ron Shandler created back in the day, and while he’s still involved, he has added an impressive team around him, including Doug Dennis, who I’ve been a huge fan of since 2001. For this article, I wanted to share with you:

5 Things I Learned From Today

Here are a few interesting items I learned from today, reading their premium Fantasy Baseball articles, which you can get access to for $75 for a year-round subscription.

1. Stars and Scrubs is a better strategy for pitchers this year.

“In 2014, 60 pitchers had an ERA greater than one standard deviation below the mean; in 1999, there were only 40. This doesn’t guarantee that there will be valuable players in the free agent pool, but it makes it more likely.”
– Matthew Cederholm, “Rotisserie Revisited: Spread the Risk vs. Stars and Scrubs”

In other words, a large chunk of very good pitchers will go undrafted in mixed leagues, so plan accordingly!

2. 2013 Anibal Sanchez > 2015 Anibal Sanchez > 2014 Anibal Sanchez

“Don’t sweat the second half fade [from 2014], that was due to H% (Hit Rate), S% (Strand Rate), and perhaps some injury issues. xERA shows the skills were the same. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see Sanchez’s ERA rise; hr/f (Home runs to flyball rate) was quite low in 2013/14.”
– Dave Adler, “Facts/Flukes: Headley, A. Sanchez, A. Escobar, Gallardo, Snider”

Sanchez should rebound from last season, but you shouldn’t shrug off last year for injuries alone, because he’s likely not going to put up 2013 numbers again.

3. Kyuji Fujikawa should rise among my saves sleepers.

“(Neftali) Felix could limp along in the (closer) role due to a lack of alternatives. But one potential alternative is Kyuji Fujikawa, who was terrible late last season when he finally returned from injury, but projects to knock the rust off and go back to 10.6 Dom (K/9), 3.2 Cmd ratio (K/BB), solid groundball rate and sub 3.00 xERA. If healthy, Fujikawa makes for a better get than Feliz, who looks more like a big risk going into 2015.”
– Doug Dennis, “Relievers: 2015 Gambles”

Fujikawa makes for an interesting late-round option in Rotisserie play.

4. Young Angels can help your Roto team be born again in saves!

“If [Cam Bedrosian] can conquer his early MLB jitters and command issues, Bedrosian will again be a legitimate closer-of-the-future candidate — and perhaps look undervalued a year from now.”
– Jock Thompson, “PT Tomorrow: AL West – Aceless in HOU”

It’s always nice to hear about young closer candidates, considering most closers come from veteran middle relievers we’ve all known about for years.

5. DOH! I need to dial back my 2015 Hosmer love.

“A stable plate approach with decent power at this age (25) is attractive, but [Eric Hosmer’s] overall value is capped by his knack for hitting so many ground balls. Unless a tweak is made to get more lift, it will be tough for Hosmer to propel himself into the upper tiers of AL first basemen.”
– Ryan Bloomfield, “Facts/Flukes: Hosmer, Bauer, Rios, Masterson, Jaso”

I’ve picked him up recently after about 150 players were off the board, considering his hot finish to the season. It might be smarter to wait until 175 players are gone. Annual Subscription — $75

This site is amazingly in-depth, but I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version of what you can expect to get.

  • Fanalytics: These are the Fantasy insights of the founder, Ron Shandler, who also helped create Tout Wars back in the day. (He’s the only guy to win both the AL- and NL-only leagues in the same year, and he’s George Washington in my Fantasy Mount Rushmore.)
  • Market Pulse: Leverages the perception in the marketplace on player values, to help you find profit opportunities.
  • Daily Matchups: Plan on winning money in Daily Fantasy Baseball leagues this season? You’ll want their daily analyses of the day’s pitchers and hitters.
  • Watchlist: One of my favorite features – they speculate on which minor leaguers are about to get the call to the majors, and how they might play based on skill and opportunity.

Those are just a handful of items, I could literally list 20 more.

I understand that the $75 price tag is close to the cost of your Fantasy Baseball league fee, so here’s who I believe should really be interested in signing up for their annual subscription.

  • High Stakes Fantasy Baseball Players: If you’re in leagues with $250 entry fees and higher, this has officially become a smart investment for you to make more money back. Figure the top 15-to-20 percent of a league ends up “In the Money,” that means if BBHQ helps you to a top-three finish, you’ll win your money back – and then some.
  • Owners in Several Fantasy Leagues: The more leagues you’re in, the more this purchase becomes an even better deal. Every bit of information you learn can now help you beat more and more teams.
  • Keeper or Dynasty Owners: I say this group because whatever you learn this year will have a lasting effect on your teams over the next few years. You might be hoping to compete in 2015, but you’re hoping to destroy in 2016!

Now that you know what’s annual subscription has to offer, I hope I end up seeing you over there some time in the forums!

Eric Hosmer Photo Credit: Keith Allison

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