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5 Key Fantasy Football Offseason Must-Dos To Separate Yourself

5 Key Fantasy Football Offseason Must-Dos
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You wanna know how to separate yourself from the rest of your league? Take advantage of this time and my 5 key Fantasy Football offseason must-dos. Now is the quiet time between the draft and when preseason starts, but there are definitely some offseason must-dos. 

Well, first off, you can write your Congressman and tell him to continue the Court’s interpretation of legalized gambling. If you want to do it quick and easy, click here.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court handed down a 6-3 decision that struck down the 1992 federal ban on sports gambling. To which the league released the following statement: “The NFL’s long-standing and unwavering commitment to protecting the integrity of our game remains absolute…We also will work closely with our clubs to ensure that any state efforts that move forward in the meantime protect our fans and the integrity of our game.”

Really? The NFL’s argument that legalized betting would affect the integrity of the game is….wow, what is that smell! That’s not a single bull doing his business. That smells like an entire herd of bullsh….well, you know. Instead of fighting gambling, the league should be enabling legalized sports betting on football. If nothing else,  the significant bump in interest and ratings it would bring might help Goodell wither his ongoing PR perception.

Well, enough grandstanding. Here are a 5 key Fantasy Football offseason must-dos to keep yourself busy.

5 Key Fantasy Football Offseason Must-Dos

Offseason Must-Dos

#1: Take care of league business

Are there any finances that still need to be resolved from last year?

Do them now. Don’t wait. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200….well, if you need to collect $200 from various owners, do so. But pay the people you need to pay and collect from the people you need to collect.

And give those people who haven’t paid their league fees yet a hard deadline.

You don’t have to go all Paulie on them, but I suggest a week. And if they still haven’t paid their league fees, it’s time to boot them out. Of course, that means finding new owners.

And that’s why you do it now. It might take a little time to find new owners. Better to do it now than having to go scrambling for owners come draft time. The survival of your league might depend on it.

#2: Take care of league rules

Speaking of your league, review your league’s rules. Are there any loopholes? Are there any rules that owners want to be changed? Is it time to make a major change to your league?

I’ve been in a very few leagues where all owners think their league’s constitution is perfect. Some leagues even go another step–I know one league where the winner from the previous year gets to create a rule change.

You don’t have to go that far. And a rules discussion doesn’t have to be a painstaking ordeal. Meet at the local watering hole. As of this writing, both the NHL and the NBA finals are coming up soon. There’s plenty of baseball on TV right now. Maybe it is the NCAA Lacrosse Finals, maybe its soccer; whatever floats you and your league mates boats, but schedule around that. Meet an hour before game time, hash out and vote on everything within that hour, and then enjoy the game with your league-mates.

Or if you can’t meet in person, there are plenty of free online video meeting apps available. Either way, take care of league rules for the benefit of all owners.

#3: Review last year’s results

Not everything needs to be for the benefit of other owners. Some things should be for you, like reviewing last year’s results.

Hopefully, you’ve done this already. However, if you are a Fantasy Baseball player and you were busy preparing your drafts, I understand. But there’s no time like the present! Why did last year’s winner’s win? If it wasn’t you, why didn’t you win? And the lazy owner will say “Just bad luck.” No, while bad luck could be a major reason you didn’t win, it was not the only reason. Did you overspend your FAAB? Perhaps you under-spent? Did you ignore potential trading partners? If you didn’t win, you did or didn’t do something that could have increased your chances. Figure out what it is.

And if you won, congratulations. But now you have to do it again. Winning a Fantasy Football championship is tough. Repeating is even harder. So ask yourself, is your championship repeatable? Or was it a one-year aberration? Figure out what you did to win, so you can win again this year.

A great way to prepare to win of course is of mock drafting.

#4: Start Mock Drafting

If you are reading this, I doubt I have to explain to you the benefits of mock drafting. Or if you can’t find a site to mock draft on, try an MFL 10. MFL10s are a great way to get an early feel on some of the hyped rookies or players that have changed teams this off-season. And even if you don’t mock draft, now is good time to capture some of the reports coming out about the rookies. Now, realize that  many of these reports are “whispers.” Meaning, they could happen. But they might not happen. Take everything with a grain of a salt, but copy it down.

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At worst, you don’t use it. But I will never forget what happened in 2006. If you read between the lines from the press conferences, you could see that Bill Parcells was not very happy with Drew Bledsoe. And he liked what he saw from this young kid named Tony Romo. A smart dynasty owner would have taken a low risk flier on Romo. Of course, yours truly went after Kyle Orton instead, and you know how the story ends. Don’t let it happen to you.

And perhaps you are doing all of this already as you might possibly be a veteran owner. But let me give you one more suggestion I’m willing to bet you hadn’t considered…

#5: Get That Project Done Now

You know that project your significant other, roommate, or mom has been bugging you to do for months now? Do it now.

At some point, that task will have to be done, like it or not. And you won’t like doing that instead of draft prep, and you really don’t want to do it during football season, do you? Free yourself of that now. Heck, you might even be able to use your completion of it as a bargaining chip so you can be left alone to enjoy the Fantasy Football season.

Of course, I can understand you might want not to do that project and that’s why I listed it last. But those first four are definitely offseason must-dos.

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