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The first week of the season is nearly behind us already, after six months of waiting desperately for it to arrive.

As we discuss some of the bigger Week 1 Fantasy Football surprises, remember that different players faced different matchups. A great game against a weak defense is not quite the same as a good game against a great defense.

But Fantasy Football scores are our measuring sticks, so that’s what we’re going with.

You probably dealt with several different emotions this afternoon, but a Fantasy player never seems to be content.

  • “One hundred points is nice — but 150 would be better.”
  • “I’m glad I won my game, but only by seven points?”
  • “My win is a great start, but I hate that my buddy won, too.”

Week 1 went relatively well, unless you have a ton of shares of Keenan Allen in your Fantasy leagues, or if you mortgaged your house in a DFS stack of Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins (13 points combined).

So what we’d like to do each week at SCFE is to list out a handful of things that none of us really expected, and then wonder what the likelihood of it happening again might be.

5 Fantasy Football Surprises From Week 1

We’re posting this article Sunday night, which means we likely missed out on a surprise or two from the Sunday and Monday night games. We’re using ESPN’s Fantasy scoreboard.

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Dak Prescott Played REALLY Well – But Scored Just 10 Pts

It’s just so strange to see Prescott’s name near the bottom of the Fantasy scores for quarterbacks this week (only four QBs scored fewer Fantasy points). He led the Cowboys on several strong drives, never seemed out of his league, and performed as good as he did in the NFL Preseason – something that shocked us all.

Fantasy Forecast: He’ll be consistently inconsistent, but you won’t see this type of Fantasy output again. In other words, if he plays like this again, he’ll double his Fantasy points total. If he plays worse than this, well, he will score the correct amount of points for that performance.

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Dak Prescott Played REALLY Well – But Scored Just 10 Pts

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