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“So-Called Fantasy Experts” is a term usually applied to any Fantasy Sports writer on any site — usually by other Fantasy players. (Air quotes are often employed, also.)

Frequently, this phrase is used when discussing rankings or analysis, which the Fantasy player either disagrees with or is reticent to use.

It’s completely understandable, since most Fantasy Sports writers come from a pool of Fantasy Sports players. They are able to write and convey a message or a strategy, which gives them a voice. And since Fantasy Players love to read tons of content, wanting any advantage they can get on their competition, they read these “So-Called Fantasy Writers” and give them a chance to impress.

We give these writers a place for their voice to be heard. It’s up to you if they’ll go from one-and-done writers, or someone you read frequently.

Comment on their articles, share the ones you like and help these new writers find a regular gig by promoting their work.

If you’d like to write for us — and become one of the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” — then contact us and let us know. Read this quick article to explain what we want from prospective writers.

Our site is an interesting mix of veterans from the traditional Fantasy industry, as well as those that have recently come into it from the Daily Fantasy scene.

David Gonos started his own site, became a Senior Fantasy Writer at for five years before moving on to a startup in 2008, A few years later, he reunited with his mentor Scott Engel at in 2011, where Doug “Rotodaddy” Anderson served as his editor.

Both of these guys also went on to work together at, a Daily Fantasy content website, and now they’re working together again here at SCFE.

Anderson’s work has appeared on,, Yahoo! Sports, and in the pages of Fantasy Sports Weekly. He’s also currently writing at FNTSY Sports Network as an editor/writer.

Gonos has been published on,,,,, and has been a Fantasy columnist at since 2012, as well as his own website,

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