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Here’s a brief description of the Fantasy Sports industry, as well as a few key numbers you should know about

Fantasy Sports Fans

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association shows that the type of people that play Fantasy Sports each year also happen to be a coveted group for advertisers.

The FSTA points out that the average Fantasy Sports player has these demographics:

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  • 80% Male
  • 89.8% Caucasian
  • 5% Not Married
  • Average Age: 34
  • College Degree or More: 78.1%
  • Years in Fantasy Sports: 9.51
  • Hours Consuming Fantasy Sports per week: 8.67
  • Fantasy Sports Players That Pay League Fees: 46.9%


The fans that play Fantasy Sports are the best sports fans out there because they know about all of the teams in the league, rather than just their team. This is the Fantasy cream of the crop, so to speak!

It’s also important to point out that this industry is growing exponentially, as we see generations of people beginning to share the love of the hobby with their children, just like they share the love of their favorite teams and players.

We’re starting to see, more and more:
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  • Users playing in Fantasy leagues with their children – and grandchildren!
  • Fifty-year-old players that have been playing this game for 30 years, with league loyalties as strong as their professional team loyalties.
  • Ten-year-old players begging to join a league one of their parents has been in for years.
  • Traditional season-long Fantasy players starting to play on Daily Fantasy sites, which has them looking for more and more content.


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  • Average Pages Views per User: 2.06
  • Average Time Spent on Site: 2:35
  • Visitors Viewing Site on a Mobile Device (Smartphones or Tablets): 47%


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