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TIL: Astros Have Nearly 10 Percent of Biggest Strikeout Hitters in Baseball

In writing about how Jason Castro is a post-bust bust once again in 2014, I came across this wonderful nugget from the New York Post after the Evan Gattis trade from Atlanta.

“Last season there were 55 players who had at least 300 plate appearances and struck out in 24 percent or more. Houston now has six of them: Jon Singleton (37 percent), George Springer (33), Chris Carter (31.8), Jason Castro (29.5), Robbie Grossman (24.9) and Gattis (24.2).” – Joel Sherman of the New York Post

Considering the impressive power most of these hitters have, the Astros seem content to go with the Dave Kingman offense for 2015. Although, with the high on-base percentages of Jose Altuve and Dexter Fowler, those big swings by Carter, Castro, Gattis, Singleton and Springer could prove to be a lot of 3-run homers.

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