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Participating in Fantasy Football mock drafts is an essential part of your preparation for the season. Each website has its own version of mock drafting now, but each one has the same problem: the dreaded auto-pick. The only way around the problem is the Draft Wizard tool on the Fantasy Pros website.

Almost without fail, there will be one of two kinds of people that are in your random mock draft. The first is the person who makes a single pick then leaves. Why even enter the draft room if you do not have the time? We will get back to time in a little bit.

The other person is the funny-guy who takes Stephen Gostkowski with his first pick, and the Seahawks’ Defense with the second rounder. I have heard this type of individual say that he is, “trying to raise their ADP to get people in his league to draft them.” He did not realize that many ADPs only come from the live league drafts, not mocks.

The Draft Wizard gets around both of these issues by making it an all-out simulation with your team at the center. It also allows for more in-depth analysis and customization than any other mock draft.

As I break down each part of the draft tool, I will also show you what the PRO version of the software adds to the process, albeit with a reasonable pay-wall.

Fantasy Draft Tool: Draft Wizard

Let’s break down each of the most important components to see what makes this such a great Fantasy draft tool.

League Customization

This is, without a doubt, the greatest and most helpful part of Draft Wizard. In most mock drafts you are pigeon-holed into the “standard” league of no Flex and no PPR. I do not play in a single league without PPR and the majority of my league configurations have multiple Flex players. I have always felt that these settings allow for more strategy and less luck.

With the Draft Wizard you can have your league contain 4 to 32 teams, at whatever draft spot you want, PPR or standard and whatever roster requirements your league is set up with. This, along with the next attribute of the tool, allow for a more realistic and informational draft.

PRO Addition: Whenever you sign up for the PRO version, there are even more customization options. You can adjust the scoring to match exactly with your league. Heck, you can even import your league settings into the software, complete with team names and keeper picks.

Each configuration can be saved, so if you are in more than one league it is quite painless to switch between them. This can also help if you do not know your draft spot yet, so you need to plan for multiple slots.

A Smarter Auto-Pick

Whenever you are in a mock (or real) draft online, the computer-picked auto-draft process has no sense of logic or strategy. It tends to go right down the attached website’s list, filling each position on the roster. This is especially harmful when trying to gauge when a bench player might be drafted if there are three auto-pickers taking kickers in the 8th round.

With Draft Wizard, the software actually drafts using expert rankings. It is not just the order of players selected, but the depth each computer team builds. Instead of just filling out the starters, Draft Wizard will stack running backs and wide receivers just like a good Fantasy owner would do. It still keeps the one or two people who reach on their defense a round or two earlier than the penultimate round, making it even more realistic.

PRO Addition: With the PRO version, you can pick and choose which expert rankings you want or just use a composite of multiple sets. It is not just with the rankings, but the ADP can be adjusted as you see fit.

This can help if you know which members of your league use which sites for their cheat sheets. For instance, say you are drafting 10th in a 12-team league, and the two people after you both use the ESPN rankings. You can set the draft to use those projections as a guideline, so that you can accurately see who your opponents might be taking on the turns.

Post-Draft Analysis

The research does not end when the draft does. Draft Wizard gives you a full analysis of how your team stacks up against the rest of the league. The first thing it does is give you a projection of each team’s total scores for their starters, bench and combination.

This analysis can show you how your strategy stacks up in that specific draft spot. As you can see in the screenshot below, the team I drafted out of the fifth spot is projected to lead the league in total scoring, finishing second in both starter and bench points.

PRO Addition: The upgraded version of Draft Wizard allows even more analysis of how the draft went. After checking out your projected standings, you can go to the Draft Analysis tab which can highlight value picks, steals and reaches for each team. This can also be adjusted to a certain website’s expert consensus, or a combination.

The Team Analysis tab then shows your ranking within the league by position, both starter and bench. This feature can help you see where you might have spent too much value on certain positions, and not enough on others.

The Best Part of PRO

Fantasy Draft Tool - Draft Analysis

The Draft analysis will tell you where your team is projected to finish, and what are your strengths and weaknesses.

The last part of the post-draft analysis which is only available to the PRO users is the ability to redo certain picks from the draft. The user can go to the Final Draft Board tab, select one of his or her picks to redo, and restart the draft from that point forward.

Previously, I had tried to do this through multiple mock drafts by taking a different position at the second or third round and seeing how the rest of the draft unfolded. However, this was an exercise in futility in just trying to get the first couple of picks the same and the guy I’m wanting at the “redo” spot to still be on the board.

With Draft Wizard, this can be done with one click of the mouse. You can then use the new post-draft analysis to compare to your previous drafts (which get auto-saved in the PRO version) to see which draft strategy provides the most value.

Fantasy Draft Tool: Draft Assistant

The Draft Assistant is another PRO-only aspect of the tool, but it can help you during your live draft. This instrument can instantly show you the best available at each position and overall from whichever set of rankings/ADP you wish to use.

Two other similar aspects with the draft assistant are the Cheat Sheet Creator and Auction Value Generator. These two parts of Draft Wizard give you your final pre-draft analysis in a quick and easy to read format. I personally like to make my own, but I also don’t mind spending copious amounts of time doings so. These tools can do it in seconds.

Time is Money

Lastly, the entire process of participating in a mock draft with Draft Wizard takes less than five minutes! No longer can someone complain that they don’t have the time to do mock drafts or that they lose interest. If you can get this much information and practice in the time it takes for three real draft picks, there is certainly no reason to abstain from using the tool.

Let us know if you’ve tried out this Fantasy draft tool, and what you thought of FantasyPros’ Draft Wizard mock draft simulator in the comments below!

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