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Beyond the Box Score Week 8: Trade Deadline Deals

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Remember when there used to be no trade deadline deals?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all Chris Farley on you, because that wasn’t awesome. But like that SNL skit, the number of big trade deadline deals is AWESOME.

I’ve always been more of a fantasy football fan than a fantasy baseball guy. Yet one of the things I always liked about baseball was high possibilities of a mid-season trade. While the NFL has received plenty of bad press lately, these trade deadline deals spark the kind of excitement we like in our sports leagues.

So I do think the Marcell Dareus deal to JAX is good for all parties. However, I will focus on two of the biggest trade deadline deals so far regarding offensive players and the fantasy implications.

Trade Deadline Deals

Trade Deadline Deals: Dolphins Trade Jay Ajayi to Eagles for a 4th Round Pick

From the Dolphins Side

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That was my first reaction. I should not have been shocked given Adam Gase’s calling out of Ajayi earlier in the week. But I was. From the Dolphins perspective, I am sure they are seeing it as addition by subtraction. Furthermore, Ajayi cost them a 5th round pick, so getting a 4th round pick in return is probably viewed as a net profit in their eyes. However, most of us fantasy aficionados might argue they should have received far more in return. Ajayi is a back coming off of a 1200+ rushing yard season. But with zero touchdowns and not even a 60 yards per game average, Ajayi was “punished” for his efforts by going from the 4-3 Dolphins to the 7-1 Eagles. Ajayi’s fantasy value will be dependent on the number of touches but he certainly is a winner in this deal.

So, who else were the winners in this deal? Damian Williams and Kenyan Drake are the obvious deal winners. They both should see a lot more action. Despite not liking Drake in the past, I think he will actually be the biggest beneficiary. I would grab either one from the free agency pool if you can. But I would grab Drake first. He is the far more talented of the two, as well as the larger of the two. Drake will probably be the goal-line back, while I expect the Dolphins to use Williams more specifically in passing situations.


From the Eagles Side

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The Eagles are obviously big winners as well. Behind their need to strengthen the secondary, running back might have been one of their biggest questions. The Eagles should absolutely win their division now and have to be considered front runners to capture the #1 seed. However, the Eagles gain means less touches for Wendell Smallwood and Legarrette Blount. And yeah, for those of you holding onto Donnel Pumphrey in dynasty leagues, it might be time to let go of that dream.

And while speaking of dynasty leagues, let’s move to the other big deal of the week that has far more reaching impact in keeper and dynasty leagues.

Trade Deadline Deals: Patriots Send Jimmy Garropolo to San Francisco for a 2nd Round Pick

This trade is definitely the smaller of the two deals, but has far bigger dynasty league implications. For one, if an offensive player gets drafted by New England with that second round pick (assuming they don’t trade it away, which is far from certain), that player will immediately appear on owners radars. This is also a good deal for any quarterbacks currently unemployed as the Patriots will have to sign a quarterback to back-up Brady should their nightmare situation occur. I know, millions of fans just crossed their fingers for that situation to occur.

But let’s look at the more immediate situation in San Francisco.

Jimmy Eat Meet World

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Jimmy Garoppolo might need a couple of weeks to learn the new system. But now he goes from back-up to finally getting his chance to prove he is a starter. My guess is that sitting behind Brady, he probably learned a thing or two. Garoppolo certainly showed he was capable in the few starts he had. He completed nearly 75% of his passes with four touchdowns when filling in for the suspended Brady.

Garoppolo got it done, but CJ Bethard could not. The 49ers offense overall sees a boost. That includes the 49ers receiving corps. I wouldn’t grab any 49er WRs out of free agency yet. However, if you currently are holding onto SF WRs, continue to do so. Obviously that fact is especially true for those of you in dynasty leagues. George Kittle loses his college quarterback, but he could see a bit of a boost too. Finally, once Garoppolo starts, teams will have to respect the 49ers passing game, meaning less people in the box. That can only help Carlos Hyde and Matt Breida.

There are still a few hours left before the deadline. There may be more deals (Frank Gore perhaps?); but now you know the fantasy implications of so far the two biggest trade deadline deals.

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