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Week 7 Beyond the Box Score: Joe Thomas And Other Worthwhile Stories

Week 7 Beyond the box score
Photo Credit: Erik Drost

You had to know that I was going to talk about Joe Thomas this week.

In case you missed it, Joe Thomas injured his arm this past Sunday ending a consecutive snap streak of 10,363 snaps.

To give you some perspective of what Thomas did, the last time he did not play a professional snap Apple had not even introduced the iPhone yet.

While Thomas has been a mainstay, he has lined up in front of over 20 different quarterbacks in Cleveland. We could talk about the questionable decision to bring in Cody Kessler this past weekend, but that would take away from what Thomas accomplished. Some have said the streak Thomas built was “Ripkenesque”. The difference is Ripken did not have to stop 350-pound men running full speed into and around him. And let’s be clear, Thomas wasn’t just a “survivor”, he played like and was selected as an All-Pro every one of his ten complete seasons.

Obviously it goes well beyond the box score, so let’s appreciate what Joe Thomas did. But let’s start this week’s look at another player whose efforts should be appreciated.

 Week 7 Beyond the Box Score

Christian Values

A quick look at the box score will show Christian McCaffrey had only 36 yards receiving and a meager 10 yards. Those are not exactly numbers that get the Fantasy owner excited.

So why are people so excited about this guy?

Here’s why:


Pretty Odell Beckham like to me! The big difference is Beckham has 10-inch hands and a 7-foot wingspan, just short of terradactyl. McCaffrey does not. Something tells me that Ron Rivera is going to get McCaffrey involved even more in the offense.

But McCaffrey is actually an inch taller than another athletic freak, Tyreek Hill….

The Fool on the Hill

What is so amazing about Hill’s output on Thursday night is that the Raiders gave him a ton of cushion:

While the Chiefs suffered a tough loss on Thursday night, expect the Kansas City offense to continue to hum. Of course for your offense to hum, it helps to have a healthy starting quarterback.

QB Injury Report

Embed from Getty Images


It seems like there are more starting QBs getting injured this year, doesn’t it?

Well, because there is.

Actually, the total number of injured quarterbacks is not really higher this year. However, many of the quarterbacks who got injured last year had the decency to do so either before the season began (Tony Romo, Teddy Bridgewater, Geno Smith) or gave you use of them most of the season (Derek Carr, Joe Flacco, etc.).

However, I counted at least eight starting quarterbacks who have been lost for at least one game during the first half of the season:

Aaron Rodgers

Derek Carr

Jay Cutler

Sam Bradford

Andrew Luck

Marcus Mariota

Carson Palmer

Jameis Winston (was injured two weeks ago and attempted only five passes)

That’s a pretty nice set of quarterbacks! So it’s not only the number, but the quality as well! Before we get too depressed about the lack of talent, let’s talk about a player coming off a very impressive performance this weekend.

Ezekiel Elliott note of the Week

So Elliott had a very impressive day rumbling for 147 yards and two touchdowns. Of course, might it be that he feared this might be his last game? One of the things I haven’t touched on yet is the Ezekiel Elliott legal situation. But upon second thought….



Let’s go with something a little less heavy–a kicker note!

Kicker note of the week

Embed from Getty Images

During the preseason, Stephen Hauschka was on my kicker bust list. I still don’t like him this year and have him ranked outside of my Top 12 kickers. However, if I’m going to recognize Joe Thomas for what he has done over his career, I need to recognize Hauschka too. After a 52-yarder this past Sunday, Hauschka joined Blair Walsh, Robbie Gould, Justin Tucker, and Matt Prater as the only five kickers in league history to make a dozen straight kicks from 50-plus yards. Consistency from that length is pretty impressive.

Maybe not Joe Thomas impressive, but impressive nonetheless.



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