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2017 Fantasy Football Player Analysis

Beyond The Boxscore: Four Week 1 Questions Answered

Beyond the Boxscore
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So often a simple peek at the box score will tell you what you need to know, but often you need to go beyond the box score to answer your questions. Sometimes it might require game film, sometimes it might be researching previous years trends, or it could be any other possibility.

Whatever it might be, this column will help answer some of those questions. The play of the offensive line, the officiating, or injuries are just a few examples of what we might look at in this column.

If there is a question you have, send it in. If there is something, in particular, you would like me to look at, let me know. Now that you hopefully understand, we move to a recap of week 1 to help steer some of our week 2 decisions.

Beyond the Boxscore

Week 1 Recap

So let’s start with this week’s first question which I probably heard more than any other:

Is the Seahawks offense really that bad?

Of course not. But we go beyond the box score because there’s a trend that most people are unaware of–The Seahawks offense ALWAYS starts the season slow. Last year, the team scored 15 points the first two games, including a loss to the Jeff Fisher coached Rams last year.

In 2015, they AGAIN lost to the Jeff Fisher coached Rams the first week of the season and began the season a miserable 2-4. In 2014, they started 2-3. And yes, one of those losses were to the miserable Rams. In 2013, they won their opener but scored all of 12 points.

However, I have sincere reservations about the Seattle offensive line. Russel Wilson was constantly on the run, throwing a whopping third of his passes outside of the pocket! For reference purposes, Wilson’s percentage last year was less than half of that at 16.4 percent. Ever since they traded away Max Unger in the Jimmy Graham trade, Seattle has had some serious issues at offensive line. And speaking of Jimmy Graham….

Graham got absolutely zero help from the referees near the end of the third quarter of this past week’s game.

However, Graham also dropped a perfect pass from Russell Wilson on third down that might have changed the entire complexity of that game. Which brings us to the drop discussion.


Is it time to drop Matt Forte?


Forte was once a Fantasy championship ingredient, but he now has less pop than a soaked rice crispy. Of course being on the tanking Jets is not helping his cause. But he’s not helping himself either. It’s not like he was getting plenty of opportunities to run (the box score shows only six carries) and moreover, he leads all running backs in drops.

One of the few things that Forte used to offer was his receiving skills. Apparently, that is no longer the case. If you recall, the Fantasy God that was Ladanian Tomlinson ended his career with the Jets. Looks like Forte will be following in his footsteps.


How much would Al Davis have loved this?

Once upon a time, Al Davis was one of the best owners in the league. Unfortunately, by the time of his death, Davis had become a laughing stock. But people are no longer laughing at the Raiders. And while the box score shows that Amari Cooper had a touchdown, we go beyond the box score because it certainly doesn’t show his effort to do so:

From a Fantasy perspective, that was Cooper’s first touchdown this year, but expect him to add to his total of five from last year. One down, five to go! Speaking of down….


Did you stay up to watch the most exciting game in primetime?

Many of you were probably already down for the night on Monday when Denver escaped with a three-point victory after a blocked field goal attempt. In case you missed it:


A great play from the Broncos defense perspective of course. But here’s my takeaway. Is San Diego going to have trouble blocking again this year? Last year, Pro Football Focus ranked them the second worst offensive line. The line, however, was decimated by injuries last year. What’s the excuse this year? I’m willing to give the Chargers offensive line another week. However, if Philip Rivers is on the run all day this weekend, I’m going to start to worry about owning any Chargers.


It is just one of many questions we will explore this year in beyond the box score.


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