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As December 25th looms, NFL teams have been busy filling out their Christmas lists.

There are only two weeks remaining in the regular season and the playoff picture is far from established. Only two divisions are decided so far. The Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots are the only teams to lock up their divisions, meaning there are six still up for grabs.

The injury plague has infected every team this year, with injuries having affected the playoffs significantly.

Andy Dalton, Julian Edelman, Peyton Manning, Jamaal Charles, LeVeon Bell, and Marshawn Lynch are just a few names that have been injured this season.

This year, Christmas lists for playoff teams range from a whole new offense to a single player to get healthy.

Christmas Lists

New England Patriots

The first thing on Tom Brady’s wish list is a healthy Julian Edelman. Edelman was Brady’s go to guy until he got hurt in week 10. Until his injury, he was averaging over six receptions a game. In his absence, Brandon Lafell has moved up to the number one wide receiver spot where he has had numerous drops every game. Brady has had underwhelming receivers throughout his career but there is no way that this team can contend for a Super Bowl without Edelman.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are asking for two things, a first round bye and for their starting quarterback to be ready for the playoffs. Their offense looked decent this week with AJ McCarron under center but they played against a struggling San Francisco defense. The Bengals got to where they are with Andy Dalton and they must have him to make a playoff run. The bye week will be crucial in getting Dalton healthy and ready to win his first playoff game ever. The Bengals hope to unwrap a red rifle for Christmas.

Denver Broncos

Most teams want a player to get healthy but the Broncos are being the spoiled, greedy kid and asking for an entire offense. Between their quarterback struggles and lack of a run game, the Broncos have had a hard time finding the end zone on offense. They have mainly relied on their defense to win games but as they have found out the last two weeks, the offense has to pull their weight. They have average the 18th most points per game despite having the 6th best record. They will need Manning/Osweiler and their two headed run game to start putting up points or else they will have an early vacation.

Houston Texans

Houston has arguably one of the best receivers in Deandre Hopkins, but due to injuries they are going to start Brandon Weeden on Sunday. The same Weeden that got cut from the Cowboys due to his inefficiency. The Texans are wishing for a quarterback to lead them past the first round in the playoffs. The are in first place of the AFC South and they need a quarterback to keep their spot in the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs

In the absence of Jamaal Charles, Charcandrick West has stepped up and played well in some games and mediocre in others. In order for the Chiefs to be successful, they need West to be consistent. They are hoping that Ol’Saint Nick will bring a consistent run game to Kansas City. With a solid run game, the Chiefs could win the division.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers can only wish for one thing, to play the winner of the AFC South in the playoffs. The Steelers will be playing in the Wild Card Round and in order to play the Colts/Texans they must finish third in the AFC. They can do this by winning their final two games and Kansas City losing one of their remaining games. If the Steelers’ wish comes true then they will cruise through the first round and be a tough matchup in the divisional round.

New York Jets

Todd Bowles has done incredibly well in his first season as the head coach in New York. Bowles will be wishing for Chris Ivory to play like he did earlier in the season. Ivory was dominating in the beginning of the season but has slowly gone down hill. Bilal Powell has become the go to back, but the Jets will need a power run game to wear down the defense.

Indianapolis Colts

Chuck Pagano is begging Santa for Andrew Luck to come back and play. Matt Hasselback looked good early but as of late his age has been showing. Luck is the only one that can save the Colts’ season and Pagano’s job. If the Colts somehow make the playoffs, then their only chance to advance is if Andrew Luck is under center.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are hoping that their Superman does not get hurt this season. The only way that the Panthers can be stopped is by hurting their signal caller. They don’t have much to ask for after a perfect season so far. Greg Norman also hopes that Odell Beckham Jr. gets coal in his stocking.

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona is wishing for Carson Palmer to keep drinking out of the Fountain of Youth. He looks just as good as when he won the Heisman at USC. In the past, the Cardinals have relied on their defense to make the playoffs, but with Palmer’s reemergence as a top tier quarterback, the offense is pulling its weight. As long as Palmer keeps putting up these numbers the Cardinals have to be a favorite to win the NFC.

Green Bay Packers

Mike McCarthy will be asking for Davante Adams to have zero drops. The Packers were looking for Adams to step up in the absence of Jordy Nelson. Instead, his play has been overshadowed by the touchdown machine James Jones. Even when the ball has been thrown Adams’ way, he has numerous drops. In fact, he has had nine drops on 78 targets which is ridiculous for an NFL receiver. Adams played a key role in the playoffs last year for the Packers and McCarthy needs him to have another big postseason.

Washington Redskins

Washington is wishing for inclement weather next week in Philly so that the game can be moved to FedEx field. The Redskins have been atrocious this year on the road and have only won one game. On the contrary, at home Washington has looked like world beaters. They have lost two games at home this year by a combined total of 10 points. Currently, Washington sits atop of the NFC East but their number one spot is in jeopardy considering they have two away games to end the season. Maybe a Christmas miracle will occur and snow will force the game to be played in Landover.

Seattle Seahawks

Santa came early for the Seahawks this year, he gave them Russell Wilson’s mojo back. During the preseason Wilson was considered a top-5 quarterback in the league. However after ten weeks, he had only 10 touchdowns and nine turnovers. Then in week 11, Russell got his mojo back. Since then he has 20 total touchdowns and 0 turnovers. His play now rivals that of Cam Newton. If Wilson can keep the kind of play up he will have the Seahawks as legitimate Super Bowl contenders once again.

Minnesota Vikings

Mike Zimmer has one thing on his list as his team heads to the playoffs and that is to have Adrian Peterson healthy. This Sunday Peterson went down with an apparent ankle injury. He has been the x-factor for Minnesota, leading the league in rushing yards and being the foundation for the offense. Without Peterson, the Vikings can go ahead and kiss their playoff game good bye because Teddy Bridgewater won’t be able to win without a solid run game.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philly wants a new coach for Christmas. Chip Kelly was extremely overhyped coming into the league and has been a huge disappoint thus far. He dismantled the core of the Eagles’ offense by getting rid of LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Desean Jackson, and Nick Foles. Although he did bring in two great running backs in Demarco Murray and Ryan Matthews, they do not fit the system that he is trying to run. His record of 26-20 does not accurately reflect how has driven that organization into the ground.

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