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You can’t choose your family – but you can choose your FanDuel players for a Turkey Day tournament!

It’s that time of year, once again, when we all sit down and give thanks – that touchy Uncle Ted and his lack of personal space awareness was unable to make it to the family get-together.

One of the best Thanksgiving Day traditions around the country is watching three NFL games from the couch, in an early stage of a tryptophan coma. We’re going to share a way to add a new Turkey Day tradition for your family.

Six NFL teams, three games, one Turducken – and your family.

There are six teams playing (Colts, Cowboys, Lions, Redskins, Steelers and Vikings), so we’re going to talk about setting up a Turkey Day Family FanDuel Tournament for your own friends and relatives! The beauty of it is – you can set the prizes for whatever you want! Make it a winner-takes-all tournament, or you could have just the top three people win money, or you could just set it for free, with winner getting Turkey Day bragging rights until the family reconvenes in late December!

9 Steps to Setting Up a Turkey Day Family FanDuel Tournament

You can probably skip a couple of these steps, but we wanted to add them in just in case!

1. Find Out Which Family Members Want to Play

This is something you can do on Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning. Get their email addresses together – so you can create the game and invite them in.

2. Click on the Blue “Create Contest” Button on

Once this page opens up, you’ll have several options to fill out before your tournament invites go out.

3. Set Tournament Parameters

Obviously, you want to keep “NFL” selected, and you want to pick Thursday, 12:30pm ET, with just three NFL games on the slate.

4. Choose a Contest Type, Opponents and League Size

While I’m calling this a tournament, it’s actually a Fantasy “League” for just one day. So check “League” under Contest Type, and then choose “Friends Only,” so you can send invitations to your family and friends, specifically.

Now, if you only want to play against one person (Cousin Bert, maybe, who’s always talking trash about his crappy Fantasy team?), then just pick “Head-to-Head” under Contest Type.

5. Set League Size, Entry Fee and Prize Structure

Make your best guess on the amount of people you’ll have in the league – and then add five or so. Remember, if it doesn’t fill, it doesn’t matter. It’s better to over-invite the number of people entering the contest.

If you want to play for money, there’s certainly an option for that, but if you want to just leave it free, that works too. While winning your brother’s money is great, you actually want more of your family to get involved so that this becomes a great family tradition!

For the prize structure, a free game automatically has a “Winner takes all” setting. But if you set the entry fee for anything other than free, then the prize structure settings offers options. You can choose “Winner takes all,” which is obvious. If you pick “Top 3 gets prizes,” well, that’s pretty self-explanatory, too. If you have a bunch of people that want to play, then this option might be the best, so that multiple people can earn some family bragging rights!

Finally, for the “Top third get prizes,” that’s more for a huge 20-person tournament, where the top-third of the finishers win back some money.

6. Name Your League

While it’s not mandatory, you really should name your league something fun. You can even number it with roman numerals, like the Super Bowls!

Maybe you can even name it after the elder member of your family – “Grandpa Joe’s Tournament”! Or you can name it for a long-lost ancestor that all of your family members can trace back to. What about naming it after grandma or whoever hosts the meal each year? There are tons of possibilities, so have fun with it. But remember, you’re trying to make this into a yearly tradition!

7. Help Your Family Fill Out Lineups

You likely already know how to fill out your FanDuel lineups, but you want to make sure your family and friends enjoy playing, too. So think about sitting down with them to fill out their lineups. Help them understand why they can’t have all the most expensive players, and why having a few cheapies could make a huge difference in the standings if they do well.

8. Announce the Standings Regularly

Make sure you download the FanDuel mobile phone app to your smartphone, and make sure you make regular announcements with the scores – like just before the prayer!

9. Have Fantasy Football Fun with Your Family!

When it’s all said and done, just make sure everyone has fun playing in this Turkey Day FanDuel tournament, so that you’ll have even more memories to come. “Remember when Josh Huff caught two touchdowns making Aunt Tammy the Turkey Day champion!?!”

Every play of every quarter of every game will mean something to someone, and you can bet your cornbread stuffing that they’ll all thank you for setting this family FanDuel tournament up for the Turkey Day!

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