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Customized Fantasy Baseball Dollar Values

There’s very little argument in the Fantasy world that auctions are definitely the way to go, when it comes to holding a Fantasy Baseball draft. The problem is there are so many different scoring systems and league setups, it’s hard to find Fantasy Baseball Dollar Values that are suited for your league. The “So-Called Fantasy Experts” have you covered!

We’ve partnered with the fine folks at DiamondDraft to bring you completely customizable player values for the 2015 season. Just input your league parameters, click the “Get Values” button and poof, you’ve got dollar values created with your league in mind

Want more power? Get DiamondDraft Fantasy Baseball Software

These customizable dollar values are just a taste of what DiamondDraft has to offer. The full program tracks your auction, including inflation, gives you an idea of where you’re at in the projected standings at any point in the draft, and even let’s you change the projections for any player. There’s plenty more where that came from, just head on over for the full features of the program. Whether you’re doing an auction for the first time or you’ve been through the bidding wars, I promise you that good software makes drafting a winning team a whole lot easier.

The DiamondDraft program is just $21.95 and if you tell them that the “So-Called Fantasy Experts” sent you, you’ll get free shipping… Ok, the email containing the download link is always free, but we have to compete with the Chillow Pillow somehow.

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