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April 12 brings an eventful slate of MLB action, and SCFE has your DraftKings Picks For April 12.

DraftKings has a mix of contests today, with one full slate, and two daytime and evening slates.  With the matchup of aces this evening in San Francisco, I’ll be recommending an underutilized strategy in that game.

As usual, make sure to check final lineups, injury reports, and weather reports before submitting your final rosters.

Then check Vegas run totals and money lines for each game, to help you pick pitchers and hitters.

Finally, review all the other SCFE articles and podcasts to be fully informed to build the best rosters you can!

DraftKings Picks For April 13


Madison Bumgarner, SFG vs COL ($12,500)

My recommendation for this game, if you can work the salary, is to take both pitchers.  Bumgarner and Gray are by far the best pitching options tonight.  You know what you are getting from the Bum for the price: Ks and Innings. In 2017, he sports a 9.60 K/9, 26.2% K-rate, a 2.32 FIP and a 2.78 SIERRA.  His cost is your only question.

Jon Gray, COL vs SFG ($10,000)

If you only wish to take one, I believe Gray to be the superior pick tonight.  Not only is he cheaper, and will be less owned, he has better advanced stats (Exit Velocity 89, Distance 181, GB 62%, FB 13% and HH 25%) than any other hurler to take the hill tonight.  I’m taking him at an expected price and ownership discount.

Other Pitchers I Like:

  • Josh Tomlin CLE vs. CWS ($6,200)
  • Robert Gsellman, NYM vs MIA ($7,000)


James McCann, DET vs MIN ($2,900)

McCann’s recommendation is all about price, power and matchup.  If you cannot afford Salvador Perez, McCann offers a nice second choice at a $700 savings (which you probably need based on the pitching prices today).

Salvador Perez, KC vs OAK ($3600)

Perez already has 4 HR in four games, for a wild ISO of .419 (.191 2016).  But did you know his BABIP is only .227 and his HH is over 40% in 2017?  Thus, it is possible to argue Perez has actually been unlucky so far in 2017.

Other Catchers I Like:

  • Robinson Chirinos TEX vs LAA ($2900)

First Basemen

Mitch Moreland, BOS vs PIT ($3500)

Mitch Moreland has been killing the ball lately, with a 15-day HH% of 62%, EV 96 and DIST of 229.  Look for this trend to continue against a soft Pittsburgh Pitcher today.

Miguel Cabrera, DET vs MIN ($4900)

Miggy has been slow to heat up this season, but he still sports an ISO of .249 and wOBA of .394 vs Righty arms, and Phil Hughes can make someone right in a Minnesota Minute.  Add in that Miggy hasn’t really been cold, but unlucky (HH 52% EV 97 Dist 244), and things could change quickly today.

Other First Basemen I Like

  • Greg Bird, NYY vs TB ($3500)

Second Basemen

Rougned Odor, TEX vs LAA ($4000)

Odor is simply priced too low with the splits going his way against Ricky Nolasco, who has given up 107 HR, and a SLG of .447 and wOBA of .337 and a HR/9 of 1.13 to lefty bats.

Jonathan Villar, MIL vs. CINC ($4700)

Villar remains a multi-tool threat, and he should have a good chance of hitting upside against Bronson Arroyo today.  He has the splits going his way, and Arroyo’s walk rate increases the chance for stolen bases.

Other Second Basemen I Like

  • Dee Gordon, MIA vs NYM ($4,300)

Third Basemen

Nick Castellanos, DET vs MIN ($3,800)

Like the rest of the Detroit players I recommend today, a good part of the reason is their opponent, Phil Hughes with his 1.68 HR/9 and low K rate, and high ERA and FIP.  Castellanos has been killing righty arms this season, and his advanced data is stunning: L15 HH 66%, Exit Velocity 99 and Distance 271.  All that for only $3,800!

Manny Machado, BAL vs. TOR ($4,700)

Baltimore exploded last night, and Vegas currently has them for 4.1 runs.  However, I think Machado is a great contrarian play today, as for some reason, people keep rostering his opponent Francisco Liriano, who as we saw his last time out, is capable of lighting a bonfire on the mound.  Machado owns lefties, and if he catches fire today, not many people may have him.

Other Third Basemen I Like

  • Andrew Romine, DET vs BOS ($2,300)
  • Marco Hernandez, BOS vs DET ($3,200)


Asdrubal Cabrera, NYM vs MIA ($3,700)

Cabrera had a carer year last year, and has produced 86 DK Fantasy points so far this season.  He has been amazingly consistent since the Mets have locked him in the two hole, and he has been making hard contact (40%)  with a solid FB rate (43%) all season.  He is a great way to save money at the position, and has very nice numbers against lefty arms since batting second for the Mets.

Francisco Lindor, CLE vs. CWS ($4,700)

Lindor has wasted no time demonstrating his name belongs up there with Seager, Story and the other great shortstops playing the game these days.  He is batting second for a Cleveland team with a five-run Vegas total, and is surrounded by power, making him a juicy part of a stack or a one off.  For the month of April, he has a .473 wOBA, a .481 ISO, and a .778 SLG vs. righties, and the White Sox have pitcher with a gas can for a right arm on the mound today.

Other Shortstops I Like

  • Orlando Arcia,  MIL vs. CIN ($3,800)


Yoenis Cespedes, NYM vs. MIA ($4,800)

Cespedes had a very unlucky first week of the season. He had been putting solid contact on the ball, but they kept landing on the warning track.  All that changed with his three HRs and two doubles in his last two games, but what has not changed is his contact; indeed it has gotten even better, as his recent Statcast data shows a HH 55% and Exit Velocity of 95 and an Avg. Distance of 257.  I don’t envy any baseballs in his wheelhouse tonight.  Oh, on top of all that, he’s facing a lefty — 2016 vs L: (vs. L SLG .624, OPS 1.081, ISO .282, wRC+ 183).

Jose Ramirez, CLE vs CWS ($4,400)

Ramirez has been making great contact all season, and he gets to have the splits go his best way today, batting in the middle of a Cleveland team currently projected for five runs.  The nice thing about Ramirez is that he often goes overlooked in that lineup, and you can get a real separation bonus from other CLE stacks when he goes off.

Nomar Mazara, TEX vs LAA ($3,500)

Mazara’s price is still oddly low even after all the production he has provided so far this season.  Like Odor, his teammate, Mazara gets the splits advantage against a pitcher very weak against lefty Bats.  Take the savings and production in Texas today.

Other Outfielders I Like

  • Jay Bruce, NYM vs MIA
  • Brock Holt, BOS vs DET ($3,600)

Well, good luck fitting your pitching choices in with your Draftkings bats today, on what looks like a glorious day for some Draktkings GPPs.  I hope our DraftKings picks for April 13 help contributes to you taking a tournament down today!

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