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Welcome to the Monday edition of Daily Fantasy Baseball Draftkings Picks For June 12.

On tonight’s nine-game slate, we have some interesting options for pitching. There is one clear-cut option and after that get the dice out.

There really aren’t any hitter-friendly stadiums tonight, save for Boston, but in my opinion that is more neutral than hitter friendly.

Also, the MLB All-Star game is getting close.

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Draftkings Picks For June 12


Stephen Strasburg, ATL at WAS ($12,700)


I’m not going to even pretend to get cute here. I’m playing Strasburg no matter what. Tournaments, cash screw it. All in! On Tilt as they say.

Kyle Freeland, COL at PIT ($8,100)

Most days people will see a Colorado pitcher and skip right over it due to a high ERA, but people I don’t know how to tell you this, the Rockies staff is no joke. If you are paying down from Strasburg to get bats, start here.



Gary Sanchez, NYY at LAA ($5,000)

I really hate paying up for catcher but you can’t overlook what is going on here. Sanchez may have low ownership due to price tag, spot in the batting order and people more than likely punting catcher.

Welington Castillo, BAL at CWS ($3,500)

Castillo is involved in a game with one of the higher totals. We love to target against Mike Pelfrey. Double check and make sure he is in the lineup. If not, we get a great discount with Caleb Joseph.


First Base

Chris Davis, BAL at CWS ($4,300)


There will be plenty of Oriole loving here today. Chris Davis is your guy at first today. Besides, I’m not wasting my time putting a picture on here if I didn’t like him.

Jose Abreau, CWS vs. BAL ($4,100)

There is a reason this game has a total of 10 as of the writing of this article. The Sox get a leftie in Wade Miley and if Chris Sale can’t stymie the helpless Sox, neither can Miley.


Second Base

DJ LeMahieu COL at PIT ($4,000)


DJ has been swinging a hot stick over the weekend without Coors. Yeah, this Rockies team is real and you can bet batting behind Charlie Blackmon has helped. The Rockies on the road are always low-owned so enjoy.

Robinson Cano, SEA at MIN ($4,300)

This game also has a high total as the pitchers from each side simply aren’t good but better than you and me. Cano has the leftie-rightie split we are looking for. Second base is loaded tonight.

Third Base

Todd Frazier, BAL vs. CWS ($4,400)


The Todd Father has been heating up lately. Luckily, DK doesn’t care about season-long batting average. He checks all the boxes we are looking for tonight. I will be stacking this game up for sure!

Maikel Franco, PHI at BOS ($2,400)

The price tag is way too low to ignore. I know, the Phillies stink. However, for $2,400 it won’t take much to pay off this salary. If he’s still batting fifth, I’ll have my shares of Franco. Plus, it’s not like he’s facing Clayton Kershaw.



Andrelton Simmons, NYY at LAA ($3,900)


A match-up against Masahiro Tanaka has been Fantasy gold lately. Somehow the Angels managed to beat up on the Astros over the weekend but that was against some subpar pitching. Oh wait, that happens again today. If Simmons hits leadoff, we like it. A lot!

Trevor Story, COL at PIT  ($3,800)

Yes, he’s been scuffling. No, I don’t care. I’m not in love with the shortstop position in general so I’ll be playing my boy tonight. The price tag has come way down and I love this play for tournaments.



Nelson Cruz, SEA at MIN ($5,100)

Once again we are targeting the high over-under game in Minnesota today. There is a lot to love in the outfield but if you want to afford Strasburg, you can take a $500 discount from Charlie Blackmon.

Mark Trumbo, BAL at CWS ($3,700)

I don’t mind paying $3,700 for a potential two home run night. Like I said, I really like how this game stacks up and the Baltimore bats are affordable.

Max Kepler MIN vs. SEA ($3,700)


Once again an affordable bat in this game. I like the splits in this game and you have to get Strasburg in somehow.

Top Stacks

Remember we can only stack five hitters. However, as I mentioned before, the three team requirement is gone. So, with Strasburg the clear favorite it won’t be easy to outfield bats. Here are some stacks I like for this evening’s slate.

  • Chicago White Sox
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Minnesota Twins
  • Washington Nationals (sneaky and spendy up top)

Best of luck today and don’t forget to go vote for your favorite DFS team and especially Trevor Story. I hope you enjoyed my Draftkings Picks For June 12.

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