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Welcome to the Monday edition of Daily Fantasy Baseball Draftkings Picks For June 19.

On tonight’s eleven-game slate, we have some interesting options for pitching. There are two elite options and a bunch of middle tier guys who are in somewhat decent spots.

As far as stadiums we are looking to target, there’s Texas, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.

Also, the MLB All-Star game is getting close.

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Draftkings Picks For June 19


Clayton Kershaw, LAD vs. NYM ($13,500)


Kershaw is Westbrook expensive tonight. The Mets stink and they are coming out to LA. So, plug in Kershaw and just do whatever comes naturally.

Dylan Bundy, BLA vs. CLE ($6,800)

A risky proposition against Cleveland who has been hit or miss all season. I like Bundy’s price tag and the fact they actually let him throw over 100 pitchers because he’s the only Oriole pitcher that can last five innings.



John Lucroy, TEX vs. TOR ($3,200)

This game features the highest over/under of the night. I’ll be looking to get my shares of this game in. If you’re confident pairing Kershaw with a cheap option, this is a good place to start.

Russell Martin, TOR at TEX ($3,800)

A little bit more spendy than Lucroy but I like both equally. It may come down to where they bat in the order or if I need the savings.


First Base

Eric Thames, MIL vs. PIT ($4,700)


Thames may have let some of you down yesterday but that is why we go back to the well. First base is ultra expensive today. A game in Milwaukee against Cole should help him get back on track.

Matt Adams, ATL vs. SF ($4,500)

I really don’t think Johnny Cueto is someone to shy away from anymore. Matt Adams has been great ever since coming to Hotlanta. He’s definitely in play tonight.


Second Base

Ian Happ, CHC vs. SD ($4,000)


Not really the price tag I was hoping for at second base, a position I usually like to punt. At least he gets the leftie Richard. Of course, he’s a switch hitter so I could be pitching.

Eric Sogard, MIL vs. PIT ($3,700)

I actually like this game a good bit as I’m doing my research. This game being in Milwaukee is a plus.

Third Base

Mike Moustakas, KC vs. BOS ($4,400)


Once again not exactly the price point I’m targeting here but he has been red hot and one of the few Royals worth targeting.

Kyle Seager, SEA vs. DET ($3,400)

Seager finally busted out of a slump yesterday against Yu Darvish of all people. The price point is enticing, but the park shift is not. I like Seager tonight versus Anibal Sanchez.



Trea Turner, WAS at MIA ($5,200)


I can never seem to get Turner right but as we saw yesterday, all he has to do is get on base once and he’s Swipey McSwiperson.

Troy Tulowitzki, TOR at TEX  ($3,200)

Once again trying to find a good value in the Blue Jays and Rangers game is going to be tough but here’s our aforementioned value in our aforementioned game.



Adam Duvall, CIN at TB ($3,900)


This is a great discount on Duvall. Yes, he’s not in the Smallpark but that shouldn’t matter given the price tag.

Gregory Polanco, PIT at MIL ($3,400)

I don’t mind paying $3,400 for a guy batting third against Garza. Once again this game is shaping up to be a sneaky stack.

Christian Yelich, MIA vs. WAS ($3,900)


In the midst of a nine game hitting streak, we love our boy Yelich tonight. See, batting near Stanton has its advantages.

Top Stacks

Remember we can only stack five hitters. However, as I mentioned before, the three team requirement is gone. So, with Kershaw as the clear favorite it won’t be easy to find cheap bats. Here are some stacks I like for this evening’s slate.

  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Texas Rangers
  • Seattle Mariners
  • Chicago Cubs

Best of luck today and don’t forget to go vote for your favorite DFS team and especially Trevor Story. I hope you enjoyed my Draftkings Picks For June 19.

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