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Welcome to the Monday edition of Daily Fantasy Baseball, Draftkings Picks For May 22.

Once again we are faced with some very mediocre pitching. While Zack Greinke is the most expensive option, I just don’t love that he is in Arizona. He does, however, face the White Sox tonight. The White Sox actually went nuts in Seattle over the weekend so maybe they are starting to catch fire a bit. I’ll be in full fade mode for Greinke tonight.

There will be some weather issues today as well, so make sure you are paying attention.

Lets’ get to the Draftkings Picks For May 22

Draftkings Picks For May 22


Jake Odorizzi, LAA at TB ($8,300)


My top pitching option for this evening. There’s really only one guy on the Angels that worries me and he’s really good at baseball in general. I know the Angels went nuts yesterday but they don’t get Tommy Milone today.

Gerrit Cole, PIT at ATL ($9,700)

While I sort of hate picking on the Braves, Cole is in a great position tonight. The Braves are without Freddie Freeman so really it’s just Matt Kemp. He should be able to navigate this lineup quite easily. The Ks have been down a little as of late.



Devin Mesoraco, CLE at CIN ($3,000)

Catcher, once again, is a complete dumpster fire. Yes, you could always pay up but Mesoraco, when healthy, is pretty handy with the stick. A great hitters park combined with a mediocre pitcher makes for a great play.

Chris Hermann, CWS at ARI ($3,500)

If you want to pay up a little at catcher, why not Hermann? We get a rightie-leftie split and just like Mesoraco, we get a nice park and a trash can pitcher.

First Base

Edwin Encarnacion, CLE at CIN ($4,100)


Maybe Encarnacion is starting to turn the corner a bit. We are going to be focused on this game and I love me some Easy E! Walk that parrot!

Brandon Belt, SF at CHI ($4,000)

Tonight the #freebrandonbelt train stops in Chicago. Between Belt and Buster Posey, they have been the lone bright spots on the abysmal 2017 Giants.


Second Base

Adam Frazier, PIT at ATL ($3,700)


While Frazier doesn’t hit for a lot of power, he’s batting lead0ff and has a great average so far. Back from the DL, we are looking for more of the same from Frazier where he has been worth no less than eight DK points in his last eight games, save for a pinch-hit appearance here or there.

Jose Peraza, CIN vs. CLE ($3,800)

Another bat in a game that I’ll be targeting considering the weather concerns. Peraza is projected to bat seventh tonight which makes him a great tourney and arcade play.


Third Base

Nolan Arenado, COL at PHI ($5,000)


Arenado has cooled off in the last couple of games but he’s always in play. Since we can’t talk about Trevor Story, Arenado will be my third baseman of choice today. He should be easy to fit in with the money we are saving at the other positions.

Mike Moustakas, KC at NYY ($3,600)

Despite the Royals inability to score runs, moose is quietly putting together a nice season. He get’s a nice park shift in New York and I expect low ownership versus Michael Pineda.


Carlos Correa, HOU vs. Det ($4,600)


Wow, the shortstop position is hot garbage tonight. Correa and Francisco Lindor jump off the page but after that, it’s anyone’s guess. Correa was on a tear previous to his last two games but the Indians pitching staff probably had more to do with that than anything.

Dansby Swanson, ATL vs. PIT ($3,600)

Swanson has been red hot lately, now if only he would get moved up in the order. Like I said, I’m not thrilled with any shortstop tonight not named Lindor or Correa.



Mark Trumbo, MIN at BAL ($4,600)


Dropping Trumbomb after Trumbomb, we are locked in tonight on Trumbo. The Orioles are going to be quietly under-owned tonight and we expect Trumbo to be in the mix like always. The Orioles, in general, will be one of the sneaky stacks.

Cameron Maybin, LAA at TB ($3,900)

If there ever was a time to get Maybin in your lineup, now is the time. Maybin is a talented player but is always plagued by injuries. Anyone batting in front of Mike Trout is always a good option.

Gregor Blanco, SD at ARI ($3,000)


A $3,000 lead-off bat in Arizona? Where do I sign-up? Did I mention how awful the White Sox are? We also get the leftie-rightie match-up.

Top Stacks

Remember we can only stack five hitters. However, as I mentioned before, the three team requirement is gone. Be careful of weather concerns tonight. The Cubs and Giants make for great stacks, but I’ll give you four off the radar.

  • Cleveland Indians
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Baltimore Orioles

Best of luck today and I hope you enjoyed my Draftkings Picks For May 22.

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