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Let’s get right in to the FanDuel picks for 8-30-15 shall we. Last weeks lineup(s) missed out on cash, at least for me but may have been close in other contests. This week we have some nice pitching options, but nowhere near the options as we have had over the past few weeks. Today’s slate leaves with the big three in Jake Arrieta, Stephen Strasburg and Noah Syndergaard. I like all three of these options today so that is a nice flexible option for some cash lineups.

Today I am looking more at cash lineups but in GPP I will likely be using a higher end pitcher still strictly with hopes to cash. There are enough lower priced players that can make up for the salary loss.

Basically my cash and GPP lineups should be interchangeable today. There are truly some great values out there today who may be struggling recently, but their track record is too good to pass up.

As always be sure to keep tabs on starting lineups for the day and be ready to make lineup changes as needed prior to first pitch. Weather is as always an important factor too. If their is a high chance for rain and game delays you will want to steer clear of the pitchers, primarily in cash games.  So far we are  looking at rain potential in Atlanta, Pittsburg, Tampa, and Texas.

Most importantly, Have fun and let’s win some cash!


Starting Pitcher

Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals vs Miami Marlins ($10,100)

Strasburg has looked like the Strasburg of old since his latest return from the DL. He is producing K’s, pitching in to games and is 3-1 since his return. He is averaging 16 points on FanDuel over his last four and facing the Marlins today should be a juicy matchup for him. I like Strasburg in my GPP and Cash games today.

First Base

Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves vs Nate Eovaldi and New York Yankees ($3,200)

Freeman is a very good first baseman and unfortunately his surrounding lineup isn’t very potent. Today Freeman faces a right-handed pitcher, is at a cheaper price point and hit a home run a few days ago. I am willing to save some money here and hope for some walks, and hits today.

Edwin Encarnacion, Toronto Blue Jays vs Alfredo Simon and Detroit Tigers ($5,200)

If there was a player who defined liquid fire right now it would be Encarnacion. Yesterday’s game was one for the ages where he cranked out 24.75 FanDuel points. Over his last six games E5 has been averaging 7.46 points on FanDuel. If you can afford him today, he should be worth the moolah.

Second Base

Jason Kipnis, Cleveland Indians vs Jered Weaver and Los Angeles Angels ($3,600)

Kipnis is priced fairly today and has seemed to turn the corner since his return from the DL. Unfortunately he had a rough outing yesterday, but today the matchup looks great. Softer throwing Weaver, lefty vs righty, and power potential. I am looking at you today Jason Kipnis!

Kolten Wong, St. Louis Cardinals @ Chris Heston and San Francisco Giants ($2,300)

Wong is a great value play today. He is dirt cheap, in a lefty vs righty matchup and is averaging 2.9 FanDuel points over his last five. That could continue today and if so, you are getting your moneys worht.

Third Base

Josh Donaldson, Toronto Blue Jays vs Alfredo Simon and Detroit Tigers ($5,900)

I could really just cut and paste Donaldson in this post every day. He is very expensive because he should be. The Blue Jays look like a team from another planet right now, and Donaldson is producing like made. So are all his teammates. He has averaged 6.6 FanDuel points over his last ten games and that is with two zeroes. He will cost you but should be worth it again today.

Mike Moustakas, Kansas City Royals @ Nathan Karns and Tampa Bay ($3,200)

It may sound crazy calling Moustakas “cheap” as he is still over 3k, but compared to Donaldson he is. Moustakas has been heating up once again and faces the young righty today in Karns. Moustakas has been averaging around 6 points on FanDuel over his last week and that is very close to Donaldson. Toss in the $2,700 savings and you have a great play.


Xander Bogaerts, Boston Red Sox @ Noah Syndergaard and NY Mets ($3,000)

Not sure why I am inclined to do this today. His price isn’t terrible, but not cheap and he is facing one of the best pitchers in baseball in New York. I guess it is another one of those gut-calls, but I am feeling the urge to use him in my GPP lineups today so I am.

Jhonny Peralta, St. Louis @ Chris Heston and San Francisco Giants ($2,200)

Peralta is seemingly always in my picks on Sunday’s because he is cheap has a nice lineup around him and has the pop that could win you contests. He hasn’t done too much lately so either this is a waste at 2.2K, or it will pay off. I am willing to take the latter and hope for some cheap production.


Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels @ Mike Tomlin and Cleveland Indians ($4,100)

4.1 K is not cheap on FanDuel for a positional player, but for Mike Trout it certainly feels like it. With savings in other positions I am jumping aboard the Trout wagon today. He is due for a big game here and today could very well be the day. He is Mike Trout after all there should be no need to explain using him.

Yoenis Cespedes, New York Mets vs Wade Miley and Boston Red Sox ($4,400)

This matchup against Miley has me drooling on my keyboard. Cespedes is another higher end outfielder but I am able to somehow squeeze him in with Trout. That has me very excited. Great matchup today makes the cost well worth it.

Jayson Werth, Washington Nationals vs Brad Hand and Miami Marlins ($3,000)

Werth has been playing well over his last 10 games. He has had plenty of clunkers, but today’s matchup should be a productive one for Werth. He faces the lefty in Brad Hand which should him put a few points on the board.

Another option is Kole Calhoun at the same price point.


Good luck today Everyone!

The Lineups

Today I would be willing to use either lineup in any contest.

CASH Games (50/50)

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GPP Games

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