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Ahhh, yes, Tax Day! Before we get into our FanDuel picks for Friday, April 15, I thought we’d talk about Tax Day, first!

Yeah, I understand Tax Day this year is on April 18, which is interesting to me. From what I’ve gathered, when Tax Day falls on a weekend day, then it moves to the following Monday. But Dave, you might say, Friday isn’t part of the weekend!

And I’d say, “Call me David, please. Dave Richard gets enough props, I don’t need people confusing him with me anymore.” Then, I’d say, “Apparently, in Washington D.C., they celebrate a holiday called, ‘Emancipation Day,’ which celebrates the day the Compensation Emancipation Act was signed by President Lincoln, on April 16.” So since that falls on a Saturday, government employees are taking that day off on Friday, so our Tax Day moves to Monday.

The real irony in all of this is that I bet the thousands and thousands of dollars that it costs to move this day are probably being paid by taxpayers. It all makes so much sense!

Let’s talk baseball.

FanDuel Picks for Friday, April 15

Top Starting Pitchers

You still have to get a win from your pitcher to compete on FanDuel, but there’s a lot of bad pitching out there today.

Zack Greinke, Arizona at SD ($10,400): Let’s remember that Greinke was sick in his first outing and now he’s going to pitch away from Chase Field, in a park he’s super familiar with that treats pitchers really well. While everyone else loads up on Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale for higher prices, come in at this price for a top-notch ace.

Joe Ross RHP, Washington at PHI ($7,200): With plenty of not-so-great pitchers out there Friday night, it might be smarter to save money to spend on big bats. There are still good enough pitchers, like Ross, who has a great matchup against a weak Phillies lineup. (Garrett Richards is an intriguing play, too.)

Top Hitters for Friday, April 15

Here’s my favorite pick at each position for Friday night’s games.


Stephen Vogt, Oakland ($2,400): The lefty has struggled against right-handers this season, but that’s a train you want to get behind now, as that number will likely regress back to positive points for the backstop/first baseman..

First Basemen

Albert Pujols, L.A. Angels ($3,000): It pains me to see the future Hall of Famer at just $3K, and I understand that he has struggled to start the season, and he hasn’t homered in two weeks. But he has a great L/R matchup, and he has RBI in four of his past five games.

Second Basemen

Dee Gordon, Miami ($3,800): Paying up for a second baseman isn’t a horrible idea tonight, and this speedster should be in for plenty of trips to the plate – and on top of it. He faces Braves RHP Williams Perez, who gave up four earned runs in 4 2/3 innings against St. Louis last week.

Third Basemen

Adrian Beltre, Texas ($3,700): The veteran has hits in each of the past seven games, with seven extra-base hits in that time span, and he’s one of the few slugging hot corners with a home game that I trust.


Carlos Correa, Houston ($4,600): You’re going to have the best middle infielders ever! Correa plays at home, and he faces Mike Pelfrey, famous for giving up homers, and he currently owns an ERA close to 15.00!


Mookie Betts, Boston ($4,400): Going up against a knuckleballer might be tricky for most hitters, but I like the speedster to make his way around the basepaths a few times tonight. He has multiple hits in each of the past three games, and he scores points in bunches.

Kevin Pillar, Toronto ($2,900): The leadoff hitter for one of the best offenses in the majors, going up against Rick Porcello, with the 6.00 ERA? Yes, please!

Carlos Gomez, Houston ($2,800): I’m one of those slow learners you hear so much about. I refuse to believe Gomez will continue his horrible hitting to start the season, and at this price, he’s a huge bargain at home against Pelfrey.

Looking forward to seeing you cash in on our FanDuel picks for Friday, April 15!

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