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It is hard not to love Daily Fantasy Baseball, so hopefully, you are reading my FanDuel picks April 26 now and we will finish the day victorious together.

It truly is an every day event, and the day I write for (Sunday’s) happen to be one of the very best days along with Friday’s. Slates are full, and unlike friday’s the games are during the daytime so you can follow your lineups live and possibly be bragging about how brilliant you are at dinner time.

The tricky part with many Sunday’s is players tend to get days off and since many games start earlier issues such as weather also can come in to play. This can leave you without as much flexibility to make a pregame adjustment, or ability to make last-minute substitutions.

That being said, if you put in the time and really hone in on the Daily MLB Lineups cards before first pitch you should be just fine.

I am writing this on a Saturday using the certainties I have in front of me for now, but will most definitely be updating in the morning once lineup cards and weather reports come in. So if you are reading this take things in to your own hands before first pitch and you should be just fine! Heck you may even find a few value plays if regular starters sit.

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FanDuel Picks for Sunday, April 26

Today I am going with a high upside but affordable pitcher, and trying fill my hitting positions to the best of my abilities utilizing BVP data. I havent been a big proponent of this strategy, but it has been working well lately and if it aint broke–don’t fix it right? I will as I typically do post my lineup below if you feel like riding my coat-tails today. Good luck to you either way, unless we are in the same tournament!

Starting Pitchers

Lance Lynn, Stl ($8,400) @ MILLynn is the safest of the starters in my eyes for today. He faces the atrocious offense of the Brewers and if the Brewers rest either Segura or Scooter Gennett he will be even more appealing. Lynn is averaging over a K an inning in 2015, the brewers strikeout plenty and Lynn should be a safe high price pitcher today.

Drew Pomeranz, OAK ($5,900) vs Hou

Pomeranz is going to be my play in most leagues. I know the consensus strategy is to spend on pitching on FanDuel since you only have one starter in your lineup. However, the top cost pitchers all have risk. I like to spend on pitching if their BVP is solid, the opponents strikeout alot, and if they are likely to get a win.

I see all of the above happening for Pomeranz today at home, and at his cost the benefits outweigh the risk. A win, 8 strikeouts and low ERA are all within feasibility. I shall take this extra moolah and utilize it elsewhere.


Nick Hundley, COL ($3,000) vs SF and Tim Lincecum

I rarely spend on catchers in DFS, I just go cheap, find a spot starter and use the money elsewhere. If I am looking for an optimal matchup and go with Pomeranz for example, Hundley is my play. In 27 at bats Hundley is hitting .296, with two home runs, 8 RBI and 6 walks.  If you are a BVP believer Hundley is your play. ASSUMING he plays.

TBD: In tournaments I may just seek a backup catcher as I have been lately with relative success. To do this however I will need to see the Daily Lineups. I recommend you do the same if you are looking to save some money. Update: Brayan Pena is my play in most leagues today since he is starting and only $2,200.

First Basemen

Anthony Rizzo, ChC ($4,200) @CIN and Anthony DeSclafani 

This is more of a something has gotta give pick here. Rizzo has only faced the youngster 6 times in the majors and been held hitless. This is however a small sample size and Rizzo has been scathing hot the last 7 games hitting .429 with a home run. I like Rizzo’s chances today.

Adam LaRoche, ChW ($2,700) vs KC and Edinson Volquez

LaRoche has done well against Volquez in his career slashing .316/.480/.579 with one home run. Assuming he plays i like his chances to get opportunities and if he follows his BVP trends than LaRoche could be a nice value and Tourney play.

Second Basemen

Robinson Cano, SEA ($3,700) vs MN and Kyle Gibson

Cano is an essential lock for me today going against my beloved Twins. Kyle Gibson has struggled, if that is even an appropriate word to use. Cano is a career .333 hitter in his 12 at bats against Gibson. Along with his ability to wait for pitches plus Gibson’s propensity to walk and inability to strikeout hitters make Cano a great play.

Third Basemen

Nolan Arenado, COL ($4,300) @ SF and Tim Lincecum

In twelve plate apperances against Lincecum Arenado is slashing .417/.417/.750 along with a home run and three RBI. Arenado will be another lock to be in my lineups assuming he plays today.


Jose Reyes, TOR ($3,100) @ TB and Chris Archer 

Update: Reyes is not in the lineup

Reyes is a .429 hitter facing Archer, and the last time they played an errant throw actually hit Reyes. Archer has been pitching well and striking out plenty of batters but Reyes seems to have his number and I am definitely willing to play him at this price point today. Reyes is another to watch those daily lineups for however.

Jean Segura, MIL ($2,600) vs StL and Lance Lynn

Aside from no home runs, Segura has all but owned Lynn over the years. With nine hits in 20 at-bats Segura is hitting .450 lifetime against Lynn. That makes him an appealing value pick for me today if you can’t squeeze Reyes in, or he doesn’t play.


Mike Trout, LAA ($5,100) vs Tex and Nick Martinez

BVP, and other statistics don’t really matter when it comes to mike Trout. With values in other positions Trout will be in several of my lineups, and I just don’t think Nick Martinez or the Rangers pen can shut down the best in the game.

Carlos Gonzalez, COL ($3,100) vs SF and Tim Lincecum

I guess I have a Colorado stack in most of my lineups. I am just fine with that, especially with BVP history between CarGo and Lincecum. When Gonzalez is healthy and right he is one of the best, and hitting a home run on Saturday along with his .260 average, 2 home runs and 8 RBI’s he is a safe Outfielder number 2 in my book.

Justin Upton, SD ($3,400) vs LAD 

I guess this is my trademark weekly gut call. I like Upton, and he has been hitting well but without power until Saturday night. He hit two bombs last night, and who knows he could be heating up and going on one of his now infamous hot-streaks.

Chris Carter, HOU ($2,400) @ OAK and Drew Pomeranz

This is a total tourney pick here, but Carter’s power potential at this price helped ensure I could snag Upton and Trout in the outfield too. He has been terrible this season, but you never know when a home run hot streak will begin for this slugger.

The Lineup(s):


50/50 4-26- LINEUP


Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 10.35.26 PM

Disclaimer I enter both lineups in to both types of games, just in case!

Jose Reyes Photo Credit: Keith Allison

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