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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for April 13, Monday

Anthony Gose, Tom Hagerty, Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday

Hopefully, my picks last Monday yielded you some nice results.

One week in, I’m now giving you my Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for April 13, Monday.

We all know the story by now — I won’t be publishing price because of the variations of the many different Fantasy Baseball sites, but we do cater to the two most popular ones — FanDuel and DraftKings.

The one guy I want to feature is Anthony Gose, OF, Detroit. He has been a man possessed and is relatively cheap across the industry.

If he continues to bat leadoff, his low price point is too good to pass up.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for April 13, Monday

Starting Pitchers

Scott Kazmir, Oakland: My top option. He will destroy, dismantle and disembowel an Astros lineup that will swing at anything. The only pitcher I’m using on 1-pitcher sites, like FanDuel.

Adam Wainwright, St. Louis vs. Matt Garza, Milwaukee: It may be tough to pay up for Wainwright, but there really aren’t a lot of desired options.

Jake Odorizzi, Tampa Bay vs R.A. Dickey, Toronto: The matchup versus the Blue Jays is always dangerous, but I think he will be low owned and he has high-strikeout potential. If you want to roll the dice in a DFS tournament, Jake is your boo!


Buster Posey vs. Eddie Butler: I will continue to target Posey a lot in April. Despite the game being played in San Francisco, the Rockies have no pitching and Posey will continue to eat.

Russell Martin vs. Jake Odorizzi: First home game of the year for the Blue Jays, I expect Martin to be fired up. The catcher options are scarce.

Devin Mesoraco vs. Jon Lester: I don’t love this matchup but the ballpark factor is good and I think the Reds can get to Lester.

First Basemen

Freddie Freeman vs. Mat Latos: There will be some righty-on-righty crime here and Freddie will be laying the beatdown on Latos. I expect a Mortal Kombat fatality. Freeman wins! (Mortal Kombat voice)

Albert Pujols vs. Ross Detwiler: Sure, Pujols has struggled thus far, but now he gets out of the ballparks where hitters go to die. Playing in Texas should provide for some fireworks on the scoreboard.

Matt Adams vs. Matt Garza: Two Matts one ballpark. Matt Adams kills right-handed pitching. Matt Garza kills the Brewers.

Second Basemen

Neil Walker vs. Anibal Sanchez: Walker is off to a good start. I expect more of the same, even if it is against a quality pitcher.

Ian Kinsler vs. Gerrit Cole: Just like Walker, Kinsler is off to a good start. The Tigers offense has been on fire since Opening Day and I expect more of the same.

Kolten Wong vs. Matt Garza: Can hit for a decent amount of power. His spot in the order is key as to whether or not he is roster-able.

Third Basemen

Miguel Cabrera vs. Gerrit Cole: See a theme here? I don’t need to tell you how great Miggy Smalls is, but he’s relatively cheap across the industry.

Nolan Arenado vs. Chris Heston: Arenado is among the league leaders in RBI. If you are not paying up for Miggy, Arenado should be next in line.

Mike Moustakas vs. Trevor May:  A pitcher named May pitching in April? Mind Blown. Moustakas is picking up right where he left off in the postseason. Ball-park factor aside, I like him to stay hot.


Brian Dozier vs. Danny Duffy: Dozier is the only offense on the Twins right now. He is Shortstop eligible on DraftKings, but more than likely can be found hanging out with the other second base people. Someone has to slow down the Royals right?

Jimmy Rollins vs. James Paxton: Rollins has 6 RBI thus far. While his average isn’t where you would like to see for a leadoff hitter, he is definitely doing what the Dodgers anticipated.

Jed Lowrie vs. Scott Kazmir: Lowrie is hitting .750 against lefties this year. Scott Kazmir is a lefty. This is also a revenge game.


Mike Trout vs. Ross Detwiler: Trout is super expensive, but understandably so. He is my Outfielder of choice and I’m going to find a way to make it work.

Bryce Harper vs. Rick Porcello: Harper has been better against righties than lefties this year. He will be hitting in a small ballpark and I look for him to get to Ranger Rick.

Corey Dickerson vs. Chris Heston: Another Rockies hitter that has been hot since Opening Day — batting .438 against righties and .417 on the road. Sign me up.

Stacks I’ll be focusing on for Monday: Tigers, Royals, and Angels. Sneaky stack of the day will be the Rockies. They will be on the West Coast, so people will forget about them. They also have the park factor working against them, but they have been great on the road.

Drop us a line if you dominated with our advice! Good luck on what should be another exciting day of baseball!

Anthony Gose Photo Credit: Tom Hagerty

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