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Chris Meyers, who you likely know as @FantsyChillpony, won’t be writing today’s normally scheduled Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Sunday, June 28.

He’s going to some dude convention or some kind of Bronies thing, I don’t remember, honestly.

For more DFS help also check out today’s Extreme Platoon Splits to see which hitters have the advantage today.

But he asked for a pinch-hitter, and since I need a pinch-hitter next week, while I’m at my sister’s wedding in Alabama (note: not a wedding with my sister in Alabama), I volunteered.

So while we’re all wondering about why he misspells “Fantasy” in his own Twitter name, let’s talk about Sunday brunch.

Sundays are made for waking up late. For those that go to church, as I should, you’re missing out. Waking up late on a Sunday morning, sitting up in bed, having my dog Frank jump up for his Sunday morning petting, and watching SportsCenter, is one of the highlights of my week. (Note: Apparently, I have really lame weeks.)

I’ll get up to let Frank piss on my pepper plants outside, and make a half-pot of coffee, then I’ll crawl back in bed with my iPad and my Kindle app. (I’m currently reading “The Martian,” which is pretty good!)

Frank - 2 StagesWhen I finally decide to mosey on out of bed, I’ll shower, take Frank for a walk (loves kids, hates other dogs), and then start breakfast.

Anyone that stays at Casa Gonos usually gets treated to a mean breakfast. Generally, it’ll consist of home fries (with white and sweet potatoes) and Frank-pee peppers, along with a nice three-egg omelet, full of spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, ham and cheese.

To young men out there – learn how to make a good breakfast. Women love it.

Then they make the other two meals and life is good! … Or you get a cool dog, either way, you’re wicked happy!

The key to making a great omelet is to toss the veggies in the pan with some butter on medium heat about four or five minutes before the eggs.

Then dial down the heat to low-medium, and wait a minute. Pour the eggs in and cook them slooooow and loooooow.

Just keep pulling the sides of the eggs in and tipping the wet eggs to the parts you just pulled back.

Dump in the ham and cheese, put a lid on for one minute to melt the cheese, then fold.

… Oh yeah, baseball!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Sunday, June 28

This is going to be an abbreviated article, mostly because writing an article for Sunday FanDuel games doesn’t have the same payoff as for other days of the week. With nearly every game starting early, there are no late games, so our DFS articles have a very short shelf life. Dig? So I’ll hit some highlights at each position, and we’ll call it a day – a Sun — day.

Starting Pitchers

David Price, Detroit vs. Chicago White Sox, $10,800

Some might bet on King Felix, as he’s ready to win again during his undulating streak of good games and bad games continues. But I’ll take Price against the White Sox, in Comerica Park. Price’s control just makes me feel warm inside. Just one walk over his past three games and just 11 walks in his past 10 games. No team has scored fewer runs against left-handed pitching than the White Sox.

Chris Archer, Tampa Bay vs. Boston, $10,600

If you’re feeling like a new Rays pitcher vs. an old one, consider Archer, who has gone at least seven innings in five of his past six starts, with seven or more strikeouts in that span and just four walks.


Jason Castro, Houston at N.Y. Yankees ($2,500)

I’d punt this position today, and stick with expensive players elsewhere. Castro has a nice lefty-righty matchup in a good hitter’s park.

First Basemen

Prince Fielder, Texas at Toronto ($3,800)

Who’s feeling it more than Cecil’s little boy these days? Fact: Prince Fielder has more multi-hit games this season than any other hitter in the majors (32).

Second Basemen

Joe Panik, San Francisco vs. Colorado ($3,400)

Panik makes my first-half All-DFS team, as I’ve used him a lot, with great success. He has better slash numbers vs. lefties, but that should turn around in the second half. He’s facing Kyle Kendrick, for goodness sake.

Third Basemen

Todd Frazier, Cincinnati at N.Y. Mets ($5,100)

Sure, LHP Steven Matz is an excellent prospect, but I like Frazier to do some damage here. Matz’s ERA vs. righties was a full run higher than against lefties in 15 minor-league games this season.


Brandon Crawford, San Francisco vs. Colorado ($3,000)

Looks like I’m all about the left-handed middle infield of the Giants on a Sunday afternoon. Mostly because Kendrick is easy like Sunday morning.


Joc Pederson, L.A. Dodgers at Miami ($3,700)

The rookie has just two games in his past 10 in which he scored under zero FanDuel points. He draws walks, hits with power and he’ll be facing rookie Jose Urena, who has given up three homers to lefties in 17 innings.

Mark Trumbo, Seattle at L.A. Angels ($2,400)

Trumbo goes up against lefty Hector Santiago, and it’s not in Safeco Field, so that’s a good thing. So far, he has just one home run in Seattle, but he hits lefties to the tune of a .567 slugging percentage.

Good luck with your Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Sunday, June 28!

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