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Yes! Finally, we are playing actual games that matter. No more split squads. No more minor league teams. It’s the real deal, Holyfield.

We are only going to focus on the seven early slate games on Monday. There is plenty of great pitching matchups on the late slate but I like a challenge.

Besides, who wanted the likes of Clayton Kershaw and Jake Arrieta? I’ll settle for Raisel Iglesias and Jeremy Hellickson!

Yes, boys and girls those are actual opening day starters.

Thank god the Phillies have Maikel Franco and the Reds have Joey Votto. Now let’s talk Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, April 4.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: April 4


Pitching pricing is all out of wack on this 7 game slate. Of course, it is early in the season so the algorithms are way off but I’m shocked at some of the pitching prices. Anyways, we will get into that shortly.

Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians ($8,600)


Either DraftKings knows something we don’t or they hate Corey Kluber. Kluber is cheaper than the aforementioned Iglesias. You read that last sentence right. I’m a big fan of Kluber despite facing David Price.

Ervin Santana, Minnesota Twins ($6,700)

Let me just say that I’m not in love with Santana, but he has been a bad man this spring. In 16 innings pitched, he has a 1.13 ERA. I know Camden is hitter friendly, but so is his opposing pitcher, Chris Tillman.



Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants ($4,700)


I love using the Giants and it starts with my man Posey. They start the season in Milwaukee and the Brewers have already decided they are playing for 2017. Despite recently having the flu, Posey should be primed to party!

Devin Mesoraco, Cincinnati Reds ($3,200)

I actually am going to be targeting the Reds/Phillies game. The Reds don’t really offer much for pop in their bats, but Mesoraco is the exception. He hasn’t been the healthiest horse, which makes him great for tournaments. Spoiler Alert- He plays in the Great American Smallpark.


First Base

Brandon Belt, San Francisco Giants ($4,600)


Yes, I’m targeting Giants in Milwaukee. We aren’t making an exception at first base. Depending where Belt bats in the order, he’s going to be either really popular or really low owned.

Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds ($4,600)

No, there aren’t only two games on the slate, but we have a righty/lefty match and Jeremy Hellickson isn’t exactly Jake Arrieta. Park factor is huge here once again.


Second Base

Brian Dozier, Minnesota Twins ($4,700)


Dozier has had a nice spring batting, .339 with three home runs. On Monday, he faces Chris Tillman who likes to throw fastballs. Brian Dozier hit straight ball very well!

Jose Altuve, Houston Astros ($4,000)

Altuve should be hitting near the top of the order. He has plenty of bats around him as well. Masahiro Tanaka can be a tough pitcher, but Altuve is a very pesky hitter that doesn’t strikeout a lot. He will always swipe some bags, which seems to be a lost art in the Majors.


Third Base

Maikel Franco, Philadelphia Phillies ($3,700)


Franco has been knocking the cover off the ball this spring. He is among the league leaders in home runs this spring. He’s been batting fourth, so the opportunities should be there.

Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles ($5,000)

I like the aforementioned Franco much more just based on price, but since there really isn’t a lot of good choices at third base, I can see spending up for another stud third baseman. Machado has been good this spring as well. It’ll be interesting to see where Machado bats in the Orioles order.



Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants ($4,300)


Shortstop is absolutely gross on this slate. This is a great match-up for Crawford though. We get a small park and a righty/lefty match-up. As long as Crawford is batting near the top, everything lines up for a nice night.

Eduardo Escobar, Minnesota Twins ($3,400)

Escobar is a great tournament play in my opinion. His price works out well and he doesn’t face elite pitching, which is why the first week or so makes things a little difficult for recommending stud bats.



Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals ($4,500)


Harper is going to be wildly popular and why not? He’s actually cheaper than Denard Span, Nelson Cruz, and Adam Jones. Harper offers way more upside than any of the others for a multitude of reasons.

Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds ($4,100)

Thanks to the new DraftKings stacking rules, I no longer need to worry about getting three different teams in my lineup. Once again the match-up against Hellickson is too juicy to pass up. Yes, another Reds player but C’est la Vie.

Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants ($5,000)

Pence, much like Franco, was knocking the cover off of the ball this spring. While it’s hard not to get carried away about the spring, it’s also too hard to ignore the numbers. Pence was hitting .405 and had six home runs. So yeah, I’ll have my shares.


Top Stacks

So the stacking rules have changed a bit on DraftKings and I’m not quite sure if this makes me a sad panda (not like Pablo Sandoval)? We can only stack five hitters versus six from last year. However, as I mentioned before, the three team requirement is gone. So, we can stack the top four hitters from two teams and I like that strategy today given the amount of elite arms on the bump.

  • San Francisco Giants
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Washington Nationals
  • Philadelphia Phillies (Yeah, I said it)

Best of luck today and I hope you enjoyed my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, April 4.

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