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Last week I gave you some tips on how one DFS’s. Today, in addition to my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks, we are going to talk specifically on what works for me on DraftKings. I have received a few questions on how I’m doing it. In my opinion (on DraftKings) it’s all about stacking six players. It almost makes DraftKings mind numbing. A lot of players stack on DraftKings regardless of the game being played. Whether it’s tournaments, Head 2 Head, or 50/50’s, it’s always about stacking.

The thing DFS players hate is variance. There is nothing with more variance than baseball. You can spend $5,600 on Paul Goldschmidt to watch him go 0-4 with a strikeout. It’s irritating to see all that money wasted when you could’ve spent $3,400 on Billy Butler who went 2-4 with a home run, but that’s baseball. I’m not saying the only way to win is to stack, but most of the winners have a five or six man stack. The hardest part is how to separate your stack from everyone else. Stacking the Rangers, Yankees, and A’s will drive you nuts because of the player eligibility. You can’t stack Mitch Moreland and Prince Fielder. You can’t stack Chase Headley and Alex Rodriguez, so most nights people are just taking these players to fill in their stacks.

The stacking on Draftkings almost takes the skill out of DFS baseball, because let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a bad tournament play. In fact, I don’t worry about usage rates on pitcher’s or hitters as long as they have productive days. I worry about the two or three players I’m using to complete my stacks.

Then there is the Colorado stack. Everyone is on Colorado. I like to separate myself by taking hitters 2-7 instead of 1-6. The problem here is Charlie Blackmon. Chuck is having an outstanding year, so it’s really hard to fade him. The Angels will be in Colorado this week, so a 2-7 stack will definitely be in play. Combine these tips with what I gave you from last week and you should be able to dominate on DraftKings.

Ok, let’s get to my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, July 6.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, July 6



Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox: Super expensive but with the lack of elite hitting options, you should be able to fit him in. I’m not thrilled that the Blue Jays get to face a lefty, but Sale is match-up proof.

Carlos Carrasco, Cleveland Indians: Big savings from Sale and guess who strikes out more than anyone? The Astros! Will be my top pitcher of the day.


Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants: Posey has been great as of late. (I’m a poet and didn’t know it.) Over his last 10 games, he is averaging 12.4 points on Draftkings.

Jonathan Lucroy, Milwaukee Brewers: The sleeping dragon is finally awake. After a slow start Lucroy has come to life as of late. Match-ups against the Phillies and Reds will do that for you. He gets another great match-up against the Braves in Milwaukee.

First Basemen

Adam Lind, Milwaukee Brewers: Alright! A lefty versus rightie match for Lind. The Brewers have been hot lately and now they get to play at home versus more trashy pitching.

Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles: Has been on fire as of late. The White Sox took away two home runs away from Davis over the weekend. Yes, those White Sox.

Second Basemen

Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers: Another guy that has been performing well. Will be low owned due to the west coast bias. Love the Dodgers tonight.

Neil Walker, Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates are in a great spot against big fly James Shields. Walker has been on fire lately and his price is nice.


The top options face elite pitching, but if you are paying up I’d go with Carlos Correa (Houston). Otherwise, save yourself some money by punting the position.

Third Basemen

Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs: After a two home run Saturday,  I’d say Bryant is doing just as we all thought. I look for another big night against John Lackey.

Todd Frazier, Cincinnati Reds: The starting third baseman for the National League All-Stars. The Toddfather gets to face Doug Fister in what should be a nice matchup for him. Frazier has homered twice in his last 10 games.


Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers: Braun has contributed just as much as anyone on the recent hot streak of the Brewers. His opponent, Matt Wisler, has been okay, but I think the Brewers give him a dose of reality.

Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates: Another expensive bat, but lately stacking against James Shields has been paying on off in spades. I’ll be looking to build around ‘Cutch.

Alex Guerrero, Los Angeles Dodgers: With Adrian Gonzalez getting injured on Sunday, will it be time to set Alex free? He has third base eligibility on DraftKings, so it’s important to pay attention to the Dodgers lineup. He comes at a nice discount considering the upside.

Team Stacks

Top Stacks: Dodgers, Brewers and Pirates

Sneaky Stacks: Giants and White Sox

Good Luck and I hope you bring home the bacon with my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, July 6th.

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