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Well, hopefully, you survived Friday night’s DFS to still be playing on Monday.

King Felix’s struggles continued and the Orioles really got to Michael Pineda after seeing him a second time.

I made the mistake in thinking that the Orioles were really going to strike out a bunch again. You have to remember no matter how bad you think a player or a team is they are still professionals and the chances of them getting dominated like that again are very slim.

Anyway, I was totally able to redeem myself on Saturday so the grind is real folks, you can’t let one bad night ruin your Kool-Aid.

Monday’s slate will feature a ton of Interleague play, which I personally love. You get to see some American League pitchers bat but for the sake of DFS you get to see American League pitchers pitching to pitchers so the K’s should be higher than normal. Ok, so let’s get into my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 15th.

Editor’s note: Weather can and will be a factor. If the forecast is any indication I advise to stay away from Bauer and Rodon. You should be able to safely pivot to Tanaka and still get good bats! Good Luck!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 15


Trevor Bauer-He’s my number one stunna. The Cubs strikeout a ton and have yet to see the nastiness of Trevor Bauer. Start with confidence.

Carlos Rodon– Still cheap, tremendous K upside, will be low owned, well that was until I mentioned him. Facing a Pirates team who hopped all aboard the struggle bus versus the lowly Phillies. I don’t like his chances to win as much as Bauers but on two pitcher sites he is sneaky!


Miguel Montero– 7 for his last 15 (not including Sunday) and there is no hotter catcher right now. Make sure he is in the line-up but even against Bauer I like him. Has 8 HR’s this year against Right Handed Pitching.

Matt Wieters– Hey welcome back! Speaking of hot hitters Matt Wieters has set the world on fire since coming back. The Orioles have been better because of it. Once again, make sure he is in the line-up but almost a must play especially against the Phillies.

First Base

Freddie Freeman-Let me just say I was dead wrong about Freddie Freeman. Much like a lot of people I thought he had bust written all over him. Not the case. This guy has been on fire in June and now he gets to go to Fenway. Freeman, in his last 7 games (not including Sunday) has hit two Home Runs and has been batting .321. For the Month of June, he is batting .375, no that is not a typo.

Miguel Cabrera– Chalk play I know, but he faces the lowly Jon Moscot. Welcome to the bigs Mr. Moscot, if you struggled with the Phillies the Tigers will eat you for breakfast. I’m talking about the animal. Tigers will actually eat you for breakfast.

Second Base

Robinson Cano– I still believe he comes around. He is just about minimum salary on FanDuel that is why I am even bringing him up. It’s not often you get a 2 batter for this price. I don’t care how bad his struggles are, I’m starting him due to the lack of other great options.

Skip Schumaker– Another cheap option. Depending on where he is batting in the order, he may be worth a look.

Third Base

Manny Machado– Another Oriole who has been awesome as of late. In his last 7 games only batting .467 with 3 home runs and 7 RBI’s. Sign me up.

Josh Donaldson– Goes up against Thor. Well, Thor meet your Loki. I know Donaldson is better against lefties, but I fully expect the BlueJays to blow up Noah Syndergaard.


Same thing every week…punt. Go cheap with Jacob Elmore and load up elsewhere.


Giancarlo Stanton– Get out your wallets. I don’t care who the pitcher is, besides it’s not like Tanaka is pitching the entire game.

Adam Jones– Yeah, you guessed it, I’ll be stacking Orioles. Why not, the 1-6 batters have been killing it. Even Nolan Reimold.

Cameron Maybin– Still has yet to cool off from last week. While he won’t hit for power he will swipe bags and is on base a lot.

Joc Pederson– Batting lead-off and gets an extreme park shift from Dodgers Stadium.

In addition to my picks, I will be looking to stack the following teams; Royals, BlueJays, Orioles, Rangers, and Dodgers. I know the Royals aren’t sexy, but the fact that they are in Milwaukee make them attractive. Besides, no one is ever on the Royals so if you want to be hipster look no further.

Good luck and I hope you enjoyed my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 15th

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