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Last week was rough.

Twins, Red Sox, Nationals and Blue Jays were all postponed at some point through out the day.

Felix Hernandez had arguably his worst outing of the year and top it off Andrew Cashner had one of the weirdest lines you’ve ever seen, that was until Tuesday when Noah Syndergaard did the same thing.

So, needless to say, we missed last week.

This week, however, we look to turn that frown upside down. Today’s slate should be fairly straightforward. It’s Chris Sale, and it’s Colorado. That’s it … Well, I hope you enjoyed my post today. I’m only kidding, of course.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 8

Starting Pitchers

Chris Sale: “Ain’t no humping around!!” This should be as automatic as Stephen Curry from the free throw line. He’s facing the Astros who were recently shut out by John Danks. (#neverforget)

Lance McCullers: Now, I’m not recommending him as a number one guy but on two pitchers sites if you want to be sneaky pair McCullers with Sale. I know you are cheating yourself out of a win but I’ve been employing this strategy lately and it’s crazy how many players won’t put pitchers against each other in a game. This strategy worked well in the afternoon games on Saturday on Draftkings were I used Danny Salazar and Ubaldo Jimenez and cashed in quite a few places.


Russell Martin: Same price as Yadier Molina on Fanduel. Still cheap considering he has more upside than Molina. More expensive than Molina on DraftKings.

Francisco Cervelli: Looking for a cheap option? Look no further. Cervelli has been hot as of late and would be my 1st option if not for Colorado and Toronto.

First Basemen

Justin Smoak: If he’s in the lineup he is the discount card you will need so you can put out that sweet Blue Jays stack!

Jose Abreu: Despite what I said about McCullers being sneaky, I still don’t know how much I trust him. You will pay a premium for Jose but I like the potential for 2 home runs.

Second Basemen

Ryan Goins: I love Ryan Goins. The dude is cheap across the industry and gives you cap relief at second base. He plays in a hitter’s park so there is always potential for him to pay off his salary.

Chase Utley: Has started to heat up as of late and gets to play in a hitters park in Cincinnati. I’m guessing he will be low owned and makes for a great tournament option.

Third Basemen

Martin Prado: Great price if you can’t fit Josh Donaldson or Matt Carpenter. Playing in Toronto can only help.

Maikel Franco: He has hit a Home Run in 4 of his last 6 games. Now, he gets a slight park upgrade playing in the Great American Smallpark


Pay up for Troy Tulowitzki or Jhonny Peralta. If you decide to not pay up punt the position. Just like every week.


CaptureJon Jay, Peter Bourjos, Randal Grichuk: We know Matt Holliday is going to play but a combination of the other 3 are in play and are really cheap on Fanduel. Make sure to check the Cardinals lineup, which you are doing anyways.

Matt Kemp: He finally got a price bump and is no longer the table minimum. Another good cheap option despite going against Shelby Miller.

Cameron Maybin: 11 for his last 19 and gets to face a struggling Ian Kennedy. Once again a tournament only option but should have an easy time against the Padres.

Tonight should provide a lot of offense so it will be key to get the bats right. There will be plenty of Cardinals, Marlins, Blue Jays and Rockies stacks to contend with. If you want to be a hipster stack the Phillies and Braves.

Good luck with my Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Monday, June 8!

Editor’s note- No Goins, No Smoke, NO PROBLEM! I also faded Cervelli due to weather concerns. 

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