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Welcome back to what appears to be another beautiful weekend full of baseball and Mommy’s! At least in Minnesota the weather is nice. That has zero impact on Daily Fantasy Baseball, and neither does Mother’s day for that matter.

Either way, take some time away from your computers, phones, alogorithms and DFS sites to give that special mother(s) in your lives a thanks and some recognition tomorrow. Heck you can let them sleep in while you build your lineups! That is a win/win in my book. If you have kids don’t let them burn the house down. Again, a win/win.

Split slate today everyone, that means know your contests, know your weather and know your sites. Don’t enter all day contests on FanDuel and hope to make a late swap. It won’t let you! Don’t build an early game only lineup in an all-day contest on Draft Kings. Well, I guess that could work out ok, but just be aware of the split slate.

As always I am not intending for folks to use every player I recommend as much as building around a few key cogs, or perhaps finding a value play or two and going from there. If you can build an entire lineup with my picks and it works, well done!

Stay tuned for updates on all things such as weather prior to first pitch tonight here. You should also monitor starting lineups, which thankfully are typically submitted well before the games. Many lineup sites also include weather forecasts as well.

If you are into player projections, lineup builders and other cool tools, you should be checking out rotoQL. I tend to use these on days when I am crunched for time, and I have to admit this tool is fast, easy and I look forward to seeing how it does. Just be aware and use some of the tools I provide you as usual with the weather and daily lineup cards.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Saturday, May 7th

A quick note: Split slate once again today, be aware of this if you are searching for players and what contests you are entering.

Starting Pitchers

David Price, Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees

Kershaw is the play as always, but if you want to save some money and prefer safer lineups than the Blue Jays try going price in your early games. Price has not been spectacular so far this season, but neither have the Yankees.

DraftKings: $10, 800       FanDuel: $9,900

Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota Twins

Sale is going to cost you a pretty penny for the night slate, but the way my beloved Twins have been floundering it should be worth it. Sale has not been able to dominate the Twins as of late however, so keep this in mind. Nothing is guaranteed. Need a cheap play why not try Jesse Hahn?

DraftKings: $12,900        FanDuel: $12,000

First Base

David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees (Eovaldi)

Matchup wise it doesn’t get much better than this does it? Yankee stadium, lefty vs righty, Ortiz vs Eovaldi. Sign me up.

DraftKings: $5,000        FanDuel: $4,000

Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox vs Minnesota Twins (Santana)

Abreu has been averaging 8 plus FPPG this season, and he clearly has power. Ervin Santana is an above average pitcher but Abreu should still be able to get on base today.

DraftKings: $4,200        FanDuel: $3,600

Second Base

Daniel Murphy, Washington Nationals @ Chicago Cubs (Hammel)

My old friend is back in the picks post today. Split slate and all gets me excited to use one of the safest and favorite plays in DFS.

DraftKings: $4,200        FanDuel: $3,300

Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners @ Houston Astros (Keuchel)

Cano has been scorching hot and looking like his old self so far this season. Keuchel has not been hitting his spots and seems off so far this season. I am likely rolling with Cano in most of my late games today. If you need to save money look at Logan Forsythe against the harmless Jered Weaver at $3,800.

DraftKings: $4,400        FanDuel: $4,100

Third Base

Matt Duffy, San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies (Gray)

Duffy faces another righty, and a hyped prospect at that. Gray hasn’t fared so well in the majors however and I can see the team of veterans like the Giants capitalizing tonight.

DraftKings: $3,200        FanDuel: $2,700

Martin Prado, Miami Marlins vs Philadelphia Phillies (Hellickson)

Prado is cheap but effective. Hellickson is well, Hellickson and although Prado may not have a ton of power he gets it done and averages 8 plus FPPG so far this season.

DraftKings: $3,500      FanDuel: $2,800


Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers @ Toronto Blue Jays (Dickey)

Dickey can still keep hitters off guard, but if he does seem to struggle early I like the youngster Seager to capitalize as well.

DraftKings: $3,900       FanDuel: $3,700

Carlos Correa, Houston Astros vs Seattle Mariners (Karns)

We have been here before. If you can afford the best shortstop in the game you pay for him, especially when he is facing someone who is not an ace.

DraftKings:$4,400       FanDuel: $4,000


Denard Span, San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies (Gray)

Span is similair to Daniel Murphy for me in that he isn’t flashy, but he is a professional hitter and difficult to get out. That means more often than not he is on base and scoring Fantasy points. Today he gets the youngster and could do some of his usual consistent things.

DraftKings: $3,600       FanDuel: $3,500

Jayson Werth, Washington Nationals @ Chicago Cubs (Hammel)

Werth is healthy and doing Werth-y things. I like his chances against what may be the weakest pitcher in the Cubs rotation.

DraftKings: $3,600       FanDuel: $3,400

Danny Santana, Minnesota Twins @ Chicago White Sox (Sale)

Cheap play, and risky play, but if you are spending up on other big names tonight you will need someone like Santana, who has been playing very well since taking over in centerfield. Sure he is facing Chris Sale, but if he gets on base his wheels could come into play.

DraftKings: $2,400       FanDuel: $2,800

Khris Davis, Oakland Athletics @ Baltimore Orioles (Jiminez)

Ubaldo isn’t perfect and is known to make some mistakes when he is on the mound. He can also pitch brilliantly, but if he is off at all I can see Davis being the man to take advantage tonight.
DraftKings: $4,300       FanDuel: $3,300


Image Provided By: Keith Allison

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