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You know something? This site has a pretty talented staff of writers. You have industry big wigs like David Gonos, guys with radio time like our very own Doug Anderson, big hearted individuals who start charity leagues like Chris Meyers, and a whole host of other talent in both yearly and Daily Fantasy Baseball. But the thing to remember is all of us on this site have one huge thing in common…we love Fantasy Sports. We take time out of our busy lives to research and write articles for you to read and hopefully enjoy. So if you get a minute today check out some of the other content on our site. It’s free. Take advantage of it. What other sites go as far as to give you a list of Fantasy Sports people to follow on Twitter? (Even if I currently have not made that cut.)

So here we are. It’s Wednesday again and that means I am back to spin off another batch of options for you to play today in Daily Fantasy Baseball. It has been a roller coaster of a week up until now for me. Monday night I got “McCullered” right in the rear out of my night’s action in a third of an inning and last night I barely “Saled” into victory in my cash games due to a seven earned run performance. So today I am looking to make a splash. Daily Fantasy Football is right around the corner and it is time to start trying make sure I have enough bankroll to get fired up properly.

As usual we have the famous Wednesday split schedule. With four day games and eleven night games. At the time of writing this article we have seven games with an expected point total of 8.0 or more. They are as follows:

  • Tampa Bay Rays @ Chicago White Sox 8.5
  • Seattle Mariners @ Colorado Rockies 11.0
  • Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees 9.0
  • Los Angeles Dodgers @ Philadelphia Phillies 8.0
  • Minnesota Twins @ Toronto Blue Jays 9.0
  • Kansas City Royals @ Detroit Tigers 8.5
  • Houston Astros @ Texas Rangers 9.5

In cash games I see no need to select batters outside of these games with so much to feast on.

Today I am going to do something a little different. I am going to give you all picks for the slate starting at 7 P.M. and the reason is this; the whole article would be hitters from the Mariners verse Rockies game and this would be quite boring to write. The point total is 11.0. Load up on hitters from this game if you are doing anything with these early games and use either Danny Salazar or Hector Santiago. Try and get platoon advantages where possible and batters in the top six of the line up. Which brings me to your Daily Fantasy Baseball Tip of the week. If at all possible never take batters who are farther down in the batting order than sixth. The difference between a player having four at-bats and five at-bat across the line up can equal anywhere between two to eight plate appearances added to your score. You do the math.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks for Wednesday, August 5th

Starting Pitching

We have some great pitching on the slate tonight with lots of strikeout potential. We have Gio Gonzalez, Drew Hutchinson, Johnny Cueto, Carlos Martinez, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Harvey, and Scott Kazmir all taking the mound. With that out of the way here is the fine Starting pitching I will be using tonight in my various line ups.

Matt Harvey (9-7, 2.91 ERA) New York Mets – In Daily Fantasy Sports we have long memories. When we take a pitcher and he gets “blown up” it sticks in your craw for a long time. Matt Harvey has had a few bad outings that still stick with me but as of late he has been stellar and gets to face the less than stellar Miami Marlins who strikeout 20.0% of the time verse RHP. You add this to Harvey’s 8.46 K/9 rate and the upside is huge here. The Marlins also are 23rd in Major League Baseball against RHP with a team .243 Avg. and low .285 wOBA.

Harvey gets a positive park shift tonight in Miami which is 28th in Home Runs and 17th in Runs Scored. He has not allowed more than two Earned Runs in his last four outings verse the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, and Nationals (Twice) who are all in my opinion “superior” offensively. Over the last two games he has 13 Strikeouts over 14.7 innings with 1.84 ERA. I will be using him tonight in all my cash games.

Taylor Jungmann (5-3, 2.23 ERA) Milwaukee Brewers – For some reason people are just not catching on to this kid and what he is doing. This kid has allowed a measly sixteen runs over his last 64.7 innings pitched while striking out 53 batters. The amazing thing is that even pitching at home in Millers Park which is number one in Major League Baseball in Home Runs allowed (1.872) he has only given up two long balls over his last ten games. He has allowed only one Home Run in has last five games. The last of which was in Philadelphia on June 3oth. His ERA at home is 1.99 verse 2.36 on the road. Tonight he gets the San Diego Padres who strikeout 21.8% of the time verse RHP and carry a team batting average of .243. I have to inform you that the Padres are also hot as of late batting .293 with 8 Home Runs over the last seven days. So there is risk here but I see no reason why Jungmann should not continue his great season tonight. I will be using him in some cash games, tournaments, and pairing him on two pitcher sites with Matt Harvey.


Brian McCann (.255 Avg., 18 HR) New York Yankees – I believe we have been here before with this pick. At home I just cannot help myself if I can afford him I use him. Today he faces Steven Wright who has an unimpressive road ERA of 5.28 in a notorious hitters park. McCann has a .254 Batting Average and .343 wOBA verse RHP this season and is batting .318 with 3 Home Runs over his last seven days. He will be my cash game Catcher today.

Hank Conger (.254 Avg., 8 HR) Houston Astros – Did you know that Hank Conger has a .497 wOBA verse RHP? No? How about the fact he has a .356 Batting Average against lefties as well? Well, he does. He is also batting .571 over his last seven days with 2 Home Runs and faces Nick Martinez tonight who has allowed 6 Earned Runs over his last 11.7 innings in a hitters park in Texas. He will be my catcher tonight in tournaments due to his high price. If for some reason he does not play Jason Castro would be my next choice.

First Baseman

Darin Ruf (.248 Avg., 4 HR) Philadelphia Phillies – The Phillies have been hot lately. Everyone keeps saying how bad they are but yet when I take a pitcher against them they manage to score seven runs. Why? Because they have players like Darin Ruf. Ruf is batting .370 verse LHP. Brett Anderson has allowed 9 Hits and 3 Earned Runs over his last 9.7 innings. That is enough to use Ruf in cash games for the minimum price on most sites.

Mark Teixeira (.268 Avg., 29 HR) New York Yankees – In my opinion Teixeira is the top first base option on the slate today. The high price makes him tough to get into a line up with Matt Harvey so I have dropped him to a tournament play. Teixeira has a .282 batting average and .419 wOBA verse RHP. He is also on fire right now batting .450 over the last seven days with 5 Home Runs. Seems hard to pass up in a park like Texas against Nick Martinez.

Second Baseman

Cesar Hernandez (.281 Avg., 1 HR) Philadelphia Phillies – This kid has been electric batting at the top of the order. He has a .359 Batting Average and .382 wOBA verse LHP. For the low price and great line up spot with a game expected  point total of 8.0 makes him a great value to pass on. He is also batting .409 over the last seven days if that helps persuade you.

Ben Zobrist (.272 Avg., 9 HR) Kansas City Royals – The Tigers have Matt Boyd on the mound today. The problem is when trying to get Royals into line ups is the simple fact they spread the offense around so much its hard it seems to hit on the players you choose. Boyd has allowed 11 earned runs over his last 6.7 innings pitched. Zobrist is batting .333 verse lefties with a .400 wOBA. For a second baseman that is pretty good I think. The bad part is the high price tag today which limits him to tournament play. But he should bat clean up or near that spot somewhere making him the top play at his position in my model.

Third Baseman

Chase Headley (.278 Avg., 9 HR) New York Yankees – I love the Yankees tonight to put up a ton of runs. Headley has a .321 wOBA verse RHP and is batting .391 over the last seven days. You combine this with a bad pitcher in Steven Wright in a hitters park combined with his low price and he is a top play at third base in my opinion. He will be in all my cash game line ups today.

Luis Valbuena (.210 Avg., 20 HR) Houston Astros – With an expected point total of 9.5 tonight and Nick Martinez on the mound it is very hard to not love Astros tonight. Valbuena as you may or may not know is a feast or famine play. You will get a Home Run or four strikeouts. I believe tonight is a Home Run night. Valbuena is batting .444 over the last seven days with one Home Run. He goes from one great hitters park at home in Houston to another in Arlington. My top tournament option on the night and I am calling it. He hits one tonight. But his price is high.


Freddy Galvis (.278 Avg., 5 HR) Philadelphia Phillies – This rounds out my Phillies mini-stack in my cash games today. Galvis has .340 wOBA and .359 Batting Average verse LHP. He is also batting .360 with One Home Run over the last seven days. I just can’t shake the feeling Brett Anderson is due for a bad outing and a team that hits Left Handed Pitching well like the Phillies is a great one to give it to him. I love the Dodgers just not the match up tonight for them.

Xander Bogaerts (.315 Avg., 3 HR) Boston Red Sox – Luis Severino? Well to be honest his Minor League numbers are good. He is boasting a 1.91 ERA with 0.93 WHIP in 61.1 Innings while striking out 50 in AAA. That is not home in Yankee stadium verse the Boston Red Sox. Bogaerts is on fire batting .375 over the last seven days with three stolen-bases. He bats at the top of the order in a game with a high Over / Under. I say Severino gets a baptism of fire today at the hand of the Boston Red Sox.


Carlos Beltran (.258 Avg., 8 HR) New York Yankees – Hard to believe in 2015 I am making a pick with the name Carlos Beltran. Like the Energizer Bunny he just keeps on going. And he still can hit as well. He has a .265 Batting Average and .328 wOBA verse RHP. He is hitting well batting .316 with one Home Run over the last seven days. He usually bats fifth in the batting order making him a prime run producer in a game with one of the highest expected totals of the night. His price makes him a top play in all formats for me.

Chris Colabello (.315 Avg., 10 HR) Toronto Blue Jays – Well you cannot have a line up most nights without at least one Toronto Blue Jay in it. The expected point total is always high due to the high powered offense they deploy. Chris Colabello is getting platooned a little bit with Ben Revere arriving but I expect him to play tonight. He faces a rookie pitcher in Tyler Duffy who is probably praying to whatever higher power he believes in right now thinking of his evening to come. “Hey, welcome to the big leagues kid. Go face the Blue Jays at home.” Very nice of the Twins. Colabello is batting .316 verse RHP with a .362 wOBA. He is red hot batting .364 over the last seven with one long ball. He is in play in all formats for me tonight.

Carlos Gomez (.269 Avg., 9 HR) Houston Astros – I did not see Carlos Gomez going to the Astros. Just didn’t. But, he did. He is fair priced around the industry tonight and hits in a favorable line up spot in a game with a high expected point total. Seem like familiar dialogue? If you answered yes, it’s because it is. High Point Totals, Favorable Line up spots, and decent pricing. All things Carlos Gomez has going for him making him a top cash game play. Never mind the .346 wOBA verse RHP or Home Run hitting ability.

Kevin Pillar (.267 Avg., 7 HR) Toronto Blue Jays – Blue Jays are expensive. For good reason. Even a near minimum priced guy like Pillar is a good hitter. He is undervalued due to the huge stars around him. I think someday he might be one himself. He has been in a slump as of late batting a mere .208 over his last seven days and he will hit towards the bottom of the order. He will however also get you a little more exposure to that Blue Jays offense and should be low owned making him a great tournament option.

Other Outfielders to look at

  • Hanley Ramirez (If he Plays)
  • Jose Bautista
  • Lorenzo Cain
  • Alex Rios
  • Preston Tucker (If he plays)
  • Colby Rasmus
  • Jake Marisnick
  • Bryce Harper


  • Houston Astros
  • New York Yankees
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Philadelphia Phillies

Contrarian Stacks

  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Washington Nationals
  • San Francisco Giants


Here my line ups I will be using at Fanduel today.

Here my line ups I will be using at Fanduel today.

Just want to say our “So Called” daily leagues have gone well. They fill everyday and I love playing with all you guys. Hit me up on Twitter with any questions @geraldcolvin73 or email me at See you next week and good luck.

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